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This Changes Everything!

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 19, 2022
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Russia. Ukraine. China. Inflation. Oil. Gas. Food. Everything is volatile and changing rapidly.

In here, I explore what I think is an under-appreciated event; the sinking of the flagship Russian military vessel the Moskva.

Using a homegrown anti-ship missile, Ukraine, by all accounts, sank the Moskva. The implication? Oh, merely that navies might be a thing of the past.

Without the ability to project (as much) power by sea, the U.S. would be quite hamstrung in its global cop role and this could then add more weight to an already sinking dollar. Sinking in terms of commodities that is. Are powerful navies now a thing of the past?  Yes, at least until anti-antiship missile technology gets a lot better. For now, the offense has the upper hand and that changes everything.

Next, what’s up with China and Shanghai? In this video report, I explore a few options for what that might mean. Regardless of China’s actual intentions or motivations, the impact will be more trouble for already troubled global supply channels.

Bad timing. Or maybe good timing from China’s perspective depending on is true motivations. Maybe both?

Finally, inflation is raging and the Federal Reserve is so far behind the curve that it will, as predicted, be completely unable to catch up as an institution.

This means whatever you need to buy, buy it now!

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Preparing For The Worst
Not that I want all hell to break loose, but I am hoping if something does happen, it happens soon. My husband...
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