Our Mission

Build Understanding, Encourage Small Actions, then Align with Solutions

Many people have asked us, “Where are the large-scale solutions to all the problems you have described?” and “What should we do as a nation to avoid the seemingly inevitable consequences of this fiat money system?”

We believe that we must reach a critical mass of individuals and ensure that they have an understanding of the ideas presented in the Crash Course, before any national or global solutions will even be possible.

Because we are still quite far from this tipping point of understanding, we must first focus on educating. Many people have already reached a place of understanding and assumed responsibility for their futures, but most have not. Once we have achieved a critical mass of people who understand the issues and have taken responsible actions as a result, solutions will find more fertile ground in which to take root.

The Theory of Action: Building Understanding

Solutions should come from a position of understanding. Understanding arises from awareness, and awareness arises from the ashes of denial.

In other words, the stages of action are: denial >> awareness >> understanding >> solutions.

It is not enough for people to be aware that inflation exists, or that our monetary system has flaws, or that resources are depleting. If effective actions are to be formulated, then understanding is essential.

Little Steps Before Big Steps

There’s not much point in talking to people about big solutions if they haven’t taken any small steps. Large solutions require large commitments. Is it realistic to expect success at something major if even minor commitments are lacking?

This is why we focus on personal-sized actions: not taking on consumptive debt, maybe putting a little food aside, perhaps taking some cash out of the bank, or any number of other easy steps.

These may sound like wholly insufficient actions (even if they are defensively prudent), but they represent a critically important psychological step towards aligning our beliefs with our actions.

Taking any actions on one’s own behalf encourages a greater sense of commitment and personal responsibility, and that’s where we need the people around us to be, before we can begin to implement any large-scale plan of action.

Aligning with Solutions

The time will come to actively promote large solutions and align with existing solutions-based organizations. But right now it makes sense to direct all of our collective energies towards spreading awareness and building understanding.

That alone is a worthy and challenging task. We invite you to join us.