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Real Lives Damaged by Hidden Power Structures, Politics

Episode 75 Part 2

The User's Profile Chris Martenson September 6, 2022
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Whew!  The number of heat waves and droughts happening across the world is troubling at the moment.  So is the number of intense rainfalls and floods that are happening at the same time.

Whatever the underlying reason is, be it random chaos or climate change, the fact remains that weather instability is now ‘a thing.’

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we each need to begin factoring these incidents into our planning.  If you live in an area with scant water resources you will need to be placing more and more effort into how you will access and manage what water you have.  Or consider moving.

Fraser Macleod, an advocate for combining blockchain technology with transparency to solve community water resource management issues, and I continue our discussion about water mismanagement and the real-world threats to people’s lives and a nation’s food production.

While bureaucrats often view their jobs as pushing paper, they often make decisions while completely disconnected from the lives they impact, or worse, while being completely uneducated on the subject matter. Families, children, farms, and communities suffer from unrealistic, out-of-touch goals, or because some government representative just wants “to do something.”

It’s time for more transparency, and just maybe, technology can help.

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I Love Coincidences
Ok, so imagine this. You’re running the WEF. A pandemic happens - that you’ve been waiting to happen for three decades. Yay pandemic!...
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