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How Bureaucracies Threaten Lake Mead, Colorado River Basin Communities

Original Content
By Chris Martenson
September 6, 2022

How Bureaucracies Threaten Lake Mead, Colorado River Basin Communities

Original Content
By Chris Martenson on
September 6, 2022

The very systems responsible for bringing clean, life-giving water to people and farms worldwide are managed by shrouded structures of unelected regulators, bureaucrats, political donors and, of course, politicians.

What happens when disjointed and murky organizations who fight for position, money and power are given the responsibility of managing our most precious resources? Just look at the western U.S. today. Yes, there is a significant drought, but do our communities have any control over our own resources? The results seem obvious. For years, the Colorado River Basin has been drained for communities and casinos hundreds of miles away, while leaders in the basin’s own region have little control over their own local bodies of water.

It’s been a constant controversy decades in the making driven by cloudy legal agreements and power grabs. Cities against rural communities. Farmers against residential neighborhoods. Resources shipped hundreds of miles away without local community input.

Does anyone know how much drinkable water is actually available from their local resources? How much is poor management responsible for today’s problems in places like California, Nevada, or even Australia?

Who’s actually making the decisions across jurisdictions? Is it the national government, state agencies or local water management bureaucracies? Some silly combination of all the above? Are their efforts based on real data? Are the decision makers actually educated regarding their massive responsibilities?

As we’ve watched droughts unfold worldwide, it’s impossible to shake the feeling that the same types of compromised people making decisions at the Central Banks, health authorities, and even the WEF are driving many of our water problems. It’s not just places or problems like those in Flint, Mich. or Jackson, Miss. It goes far beyond false “Build Back Better” boondoggles.

Across the globe, water disputes have been reaching a boiling point between nations and local communities. Countries, states and local communities are on the edge. Now years of resource mismanagement is exacerbated by today’s weather.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Isn’t it time to take this critical natural resource seriously for the public good? Aren’t we intelligent enough to make it a win-win for everyone?

Transparency is always the antidote to failing systems, but when it comes to the most important resource for our lives, today it’s clearly clouded by corrupt systems.

Fraser Macleod of Civic Ledger joins me to explore how important it is to bring sunlight to this critical resource management conundrum and how technologies like the blockchain can foster intelligent decisions regarding the most important substance on Earth.

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