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Payrolls, Bidens Under The Bus, The Gold reversal, and “Them” and Their Long Spoons

Rates probably bottomed on Friday. Both Bidens (H + the Big Guy) as well Ukraine/Zelensky are being thrown, quite visibly, right under the bus by at least half of the Uniparty, as well as by the MSM. “They” are acting panicky and disorganized and the more I learn about “them” the more grateful I am that I’m not part of the Bilderberg “in-crowd.” 

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Nonfarm Payrolls (PAYEMS): +199k (+0.13% m/m)
CNP With a Disability, 16+ (LNU00074597): +299k (+0.89% m/m);
Auto/Light Truck Sales (ALTSALES): -0.73% m/m; 5-month low.
Fed Balance Sheet (WALCL): -58.8B (-0.75% w/w); deflation.
Total Bank Credit (TOTBKCR): +15.3B (+0.09% w/w); slight expansion.
Strategic Petroleum Reserve (WCSSTUS1): +330k (+0.09% w/w); slight refill.
30 Year Mortgage Rate (MORTGAGE30US): 7.03% (-19 bp w/w).  7-week low.
10 Year Treasury (DGS10): 4.24% (+2 bp w/w); possible low.

Rates may have bottomed out on Friday.  Payrolls (Friday) caused a bit of a stir; I’m not sure why, since the headline number came in as expected.   On Friday, the metals were pounded, the buck rallied (+0.46%), and the 10-year yield rose too (+10 bp), with the moves starting right after the Payrolls release.  Is the market now paying attention to the (inflationary) disability numbers?  Impossible!  And yet:

Adult disability in the overall population 16+ (LNU00074597) rose +299k in November; that is 224k short of a new all-time high.  However, for employed women 16-64 (LNU02076960), the news was worse: disability jumped +256k just this month alone to a new all-time high.  Here’s a much larger-picture candlestick chart, which I believe summarizes 3 years of vax damage inflicted on employed (force-vaxxed) US women. For this group, Covid (2020 disability) was a nothing burger.  Then, disability screamed higher in 2021, after the (mandated) rollout of the Safe & Effective “Precious” by Senile Joe and his Lockstep-Handlers.  Why does the vax seem to preferentially target women?  De population deserves to know de answer, but we might need to de-fund a number of government agencies before we find out de truth.  #metoo, but for 1.2 million prime-of-life employed women since 2021, now mostly unable to work, thanks to the force-injected Safe & Effective Precious.

More disability = higher wages for the remaining and shrinking workforce.

Gold had a bad week, dropping 65.90 (-3.17%) to 2014.50 – almost half of those losses came on Friday.  Gold is still above 2000, but the banksters did their best to reverse last Friday’s breakout to a new all-time high.  The market tactic employed, from what I can tell, was to push prices higher in Asia on Monday (Sunday night, US/Eastern) by running the stops on the shorts – making a new intraday all-time high: 2140.70 – and then flipping direction, smashing price lower, tripping the stops in the other direction, finally closing at 2032.90.  We don’t see $100 intraday trading ranges…

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Davefairtex wrote:
I do not know if there will be a gold-backed currency. I do see an increasing chance of a collapse of confidence in government...
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