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FedEx Projects Global Recession; Spike-Induced Pellagra?

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The Consumer Price Index release on Tuesday (expected: -0.1% m/m, actual: +0.12% m/m) had the strongest impact on prices this week; equities sold off hard (more than 2% in five minutes). The S&P 500 Index (SPX) eventually closed the day at the dead lows, which is never a good sign, since it means “there was no bid” after a big drop – there were no shorts cashing in, etc. In addition to Tuesday’s kerfuffle, an announcement by the CEO of FedEx after market close on Thursday (Source – CNN) regarding his sense there is an impending global recession also pushed prices lower. For me, the FedEx announcement was the more important event.

He said FedEx is seeing a decline in the volume of freight it is handling in every region around the world. While he said U.S. consumers are somewhat protected by the strength of the dollar, which is increasing their purchasing power, but he said FedEx is seeing a slowdown in Americans’ spending as well.
The company said it is responding by reducing flights and temporarily parking aircraft, trimming hours for its staff, delaying some hiring plans and closing 90 FedEx Office locations as well as five corporate offices. It is also cutting $500 million from its capital expenditure budget for its fiscal year, which runs through May of 2023, trimming that spending to $6.3 billion.

FedEx has its finger on the pulse of the global economy. The patient is not doing well.

SPX fell 4.77% on the week; my weekly model has SPX remaining in a downtrend. Here is the daily SPX chart. I like the daily because it shows the big sell-off on Tuesday. Friday saw a small bounce, but only after first making a new 8-week low; perhaps, the market digested what Mr. FedEx had to say, and interpreted it (optimistically) as “maybe all the bad news means we’ll get a Fed Pivot!”. Or, maybe on Friday the shorts were ringing the cash register a little bit. It’s hard to say.  Friday’s candle print (a “short black/spinning top”) was not particularly bullish. Sector map was bearish: the decline was led by materials (-7.09%) and industrials (-6.82%), while sickcare (-2.39%) and energy (-2.75%) did best. This week’s new 8-week low was definitely a bearish signal for equities. (A brief tactical point; in downtrends, the pros “short rallies”, they don’t go short “at the lows”).

The CPI release on Tuesday also drove a strong rally in the buck, and/or a brisk sell-off in the Euro. The buck didn’t make new highs, but it did end the week up 0.47% to 109.51. The buck remains in a strong uptrend; it even managed to close back above the 9 MA (red line), which is a bullish sign. The buck is suggesting: “No Pivot”, at least to me anyway. You can see how the 50 MA (blue line) acted as a rough support line for the buck during the current uptrend.

Like equities, gold was hit hard this week, dropping 45.10 [-2.61%], breaking below support down to price levels not seen since 2020. The move wasn’t about currency – the big break below support came on Thursday, and the sell-off happened for no reason I could see – there was no report that came out when the sell-off happened. On Friday, after making a new low, gold did make a reasonable recovery, closing Friday up about six, printing a stronger-looking candle than equities: the “long white/spinning top” candle print was surprisingly bullish (45%). Maybe it’s a low?

Silver actually looked a whole lot stronger than gold this week. While gold fell more than 2%, silver climbed a hearty 0.61 [+3.17%], which is more than a little surprising. Silver rallies nicely when gold gets smashed? When does that ever happen? Not very often. Silver even managed to stage a nice rebound on Friday, ending up back above the 50 MA. I hate to sound like a KingWorldNews goldbug (just kidding, Eric) but silver’s move definitely looks metals-positive. I – uh – picked up a few miners. Not financial advice. Really! The red in my statement right now definitely overwhelms the green. But I do like the odds when silver outperforms gold, on a down week.

Crude prices continued lower, with crude losing 2.03 [-2.39%] to 84.76. Crude’s downtrend continues apace, after making its closing high of 120 back in June.  Russian oil is being sold to China (sanctions work! Hey wait – selling to China?) and our carefully saved-for-30-years emergency-reserve oil is also being sold to China too – and the Big Guy is lined up to get his “10”, held by H. You could be forgiven if you thought that maybe China appears to increase their reserves regardless of scenario or participant. Regardless, the price of crude just continues to move steadily lower.

And, here is the latest on the WEF/Biden-Handlers pillaging campaign on America’s strategic petroleum reserve (SPR). At this week’s rate, there are 52 weeks until the reserve is bone dry. Do we imagine they’ll ever refill it? (No! Climate Change!)  And then when a real oil emergency appears: No Oil For You, former superpower United States. Except of course for the U.S. Oligarchs, who will still get to use their private jets, because flying private is how the they plan to address – yes, that’s right – Climate Change.

On this front, here is some very modest good news asit appears that Tucker, and a member of Congress, have both noticed the now-40-week SPR-draining scam being run by the Biden-Handlers. Video: 3:37. (Source – Gettr/Tucker/MTG).

Other economic releases this week included:

  • Industrial Production (INDPRO): headline -0.16% m/m, which is a very slight retreat from its all time high. No recession signal here.
  • Retail Sales (RSAFS): headline +0.29% m/m; retail sales (not adjusted for inflation) is also hovering near its all time high. In nominal terms, there’s also no recession signal here either. Unless you adjust retail sales for inflation, of course, and then it looks pretty ugly starting in 2021, with a small recent improvement.
  • Producer Price Index (PPIACO): -1.09% m/m, down from the highs hit two months back. Inflation is still absurd, but slightly less so than before. Yes, that really was a 40% (inflationary) move from 2021. A wealth transfer, from the Plebes to the Oligarchy. Inflation always acts as a tax on the poor and middle class.  Salaries never, ever keep up with inflation.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with mortgage rates, which moved above 6% for the first time since 2008. Think that might affect housing prices a little? Example: monthly payments on a zero-down $400k mortgage are 3%/$1,686, 4%/$1,910, 5%/$2,147, 6%/$2,398. So, the jump from 3% to 6% is $712/month, or an increase in the monthly payment of 42% due to that 3% => 6% move. (Source – nerdwallet). Wow, 42%!!

“You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy!”  Vote WEF/Biden-Handlers/Uniparty this November!


U.S. Politics:

Joe Manchin Gets Bad News Back Home – Looks Like His Career Could Be Over (Source – westernjournal). Aug 24-26 poll: favorable: 26.3%, unfavorable: 66.1%, unsure: 3.8%, no opinion: 3.6%.

Nearly 1-in-4 Democratic Voters Believe Men Can Get Pregnant: Poll, (Source – dailywire). “The online survey…found 22% of Democrats agreed with the statement, “Some men can get pregnant.” The percentage rose when only including women, and a whopping 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats concurred.”

Second Hunter Biden ‘laptop from hell’ likely (Source – OANN).

MAGA’s New Hampshire sweep (Source – axios). “MAGA-aligned candidates swept the Republican congressional primaries in New Hampshire last night, defeating better-financed candidates backed by Gov. Chris Sununu and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.”

Hey Fellow MAGAs  (Source – gettr/Tatsuya_Ishida).


First US death due to monkeypox confirmed in Los Angeles County (Source – CNN). “…. the person had a severely weakened immune system and had been hospitalized….” A one-death pandemic. If only Mr. Gates could provide us a vaccine to make all the fear go away.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Mainstream Media’s Latest Wave of Polio Alarmism at Face Value (Source – CHD). Turns out if you were to flush a live polio vaccine down the toilet, “polio” would appear in the waste water monitoring just days later.  Then New York would hypothetically panic, declare a “polio emergency”, and You Know Who could then flog mass vaccination using the latest polio vaccine product, without a single polio victim, without a need for any “contact tracing” to find the source, or a clinical trial to establish efficacy. A Wastewater Polio Pandemic via Toilet Water! Ka-ching ka-ching!

Dr. Marik Cures His Type-II Diabetes in Four Weeks (Source – FLCCC). the first 39-minutes of the linked video contains a useful discussion about the poisoning of America. The diabetes-specific story starts at 39:00, accomplished with well-known nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes, including my favorite, intermittent fasting. The Silver Lining to being fired for not-using Remdesivir: Dr. Marik cured himself of T2D. Remarkable.

Queen’s guard collapses in front of her coffin (Source – SkyNews). Video 1m:54s. “That happens a lot…”

R&B singer Jesse Powell dies at 51 (Source – NBC). “Died peacefully…a cause of death was not shared.”

Breaking News: ICAN Obtains Court Order Requiring CDC to Release V-Safe Data that Includes Over 137 Million Health Entries Made After COVID-19 Vaccines (Source – ICAN). First batch of data coming September 30. Given how hard the CDC tried to keep this secret, this suggests the hoarded V-safe data is probably quite incriminating.

A new report prepared for the Liberal Party of Canada shows that the vaccines have no benefit for those under 60 (Source – Kirsch). Report completed in June, and yet the vaccine-coercion continues up North. It is only a matter of time before this blows up in the face of Young Global Leader Trudeau.

CDC Admits Post-Vaccine Myocarditis Concerns That Were Labeled Covid Misinformation Are Legit (Source – federalist). Last year’s “misinformation” is this year’s established fact. Mainstream right wing media now appears quite comfortable noticing this.  One more step.

  • 2021: 16-17 males: dose 2 = 34 per million
  • 2022: 16-17 males: dose 2 = 131 per million, booster = 188 per million.
  • 2023 (projected): the prospective Thai study (Source) shows vax-caused myocarditis in high school males: dose 2 = 3,320 per million. When we include subclinical myocarditis, that raises the number to 16,600 per million. Or about 1 in 60.

Rockefeller Foundation, Nonprofits Spending Millions on Behavioral Psychology Research to ‘Nudge’ More People to Get COVID Vaccines (Source – CHD). It turns out, “nudges” turn into “pushes and shoves” when people don’t respond the right way.

Here are the side effects to expect from your omicron-specific Covid booster shot (Source – CNBC). “Rest assured: They’re not expected to be much different from what you may have experienced with previous vaccine and booster doses.”

From Dr. McCullough’s Telegram feed – “MOA’s: subclinical myocarditis, thrombosis, oncognesis, auto-immunity, senescence.”  [MOA = method of action]. And Steve Kirsch tells us that (Source) the peak in deaths are to be expected five months after injection.

There’s Terrific News About the New Covid Boosters, but Few Are Hearing It (Source – NYT).

Dr. Fauci here. I’m taking over the HHS account to talk about the updated Covid-19 vaccine designed to fight the dominant Omicron variant, BA.5, and why you should get one heading into winter
(Source – Fauci/HHS/Twitter). Scroll past the first six responses, just to get a sense of where the people actually are. Assuming it stays up.

Risk for Developing Alzheimer’s Disease Increases by 50-80% In Older Adults Who Caught Covid-19 (Source – neuroscience news). Well, that’s new. So, what do we imagine the MOA for Covid-19 substantially increasing Alzheimers risk might be? If your answer is “the toxic spike protein” causing senescence – Dr. Marik generically calls this “spikeopathy” – a reminder: the shot generates a lot more toxic spike proteins than the virus does. And, the corollary: Early Treatment May Prevent Post-Covid-19-Alzheimers.

Daily multi-vitamins may improve brain function in older people – US study (Source – guardian). “The trial, involving more than 2,200 over-65s, suggests that daily supplements may slow cognitive decline by about 60%, or nearly two years, with the most substantial effects seen in older people with a history of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Maria Carrillo, chief scientific officer at the Alzheimer’s Association, said: “…While the Alzheimer’s Association is encouraged by these results, we are not ready to recommend widespread use of a multivitamin supplement to reduce risk of cognitive decline in older adults.”

Carrillo and multivitamins reminds me of Fauci, Vitamin D, and Covid-19. The multi was Centrum Silver, which is manufactured by … Pfizer. Yes, really (Source – Study). Lastly: cocoa (another arm of this RCT) seemed to provide a trend to benefit, but it was not statistically significant.


Scott Ritter: Why Russia Will Still Win, Despite Ukraine’s Gains (Source – scheerpost). Ritter backs off from earlier claims. Russia committed their reserves to fight off the Kherson attack, but then had no reserves left for the follow-on attack at Kharkov. An intel failure, Ritter suggests.

Russian forces strike dam, flooding parts of Kryvyi Rih city; President Zelenskyy involved in car accident (Source – CNBC). Maybe a real war is about to break out?

Russia’s Economic War Hits Europe’s Factories (Source – WSJ). Sanctions severe-adverse-events appear as bad as the SAEs from Covid-19 vaccination.

Companies declared insolvent in England and Wales jump by 43% (Source – Guardian). Another sanctions-SAE.

Swedish right prepares for power as PM accepts election defeat (Source – reuters). Socialist Sweden goes MAGA (or maybe, MSGA). WEF/Reuters is not pleased, and promptly engages in name-calling.

Hungary has remained relatively neutral since the outbreak of fighting in late February (Source – RT). “Mikulas Bek, the European affairs minister of the Czech Republic, which now presides over the EU Council, has warned that Hungary’s stance on Russia could theoretically end up with it exiting the bloc.”

Thursday’s FedEx CEO-announcement is a useful waypoint about the state of the global economy, and where it may be going next. FedEx is a global company, with realtime insights into global economic activity, along with corporate historical data as to what recessionary conditions have looked like in the past. And this CEO is “making adjustments” accordingly. He isn’t just a bankster flunky; he is responding to conditions with what agency he has. And also, we have the Fed scheduled to raise rates 75 bp next Wednesday, and another 75 bp on November 2 (Source – CME).

Is the Fed is raising rates as the world is heading into a recession? Yes. This is unusual. But from what I can tell, what the WEF wants, the WEF gets. At least right now anyways. A recession is a great way to destroy some more middle-class wealth, especially so soon after the lockdowns, and in China, all that Zero Covid nonsense. And institutionally, the Fed wants to avoid blame for all the inflation they not-so-comically called “transitory” last summer. Inflation usefully destroys middle-class wealth, too.

But there is a new fly in the WEF’s ointment: the “far-right” “extremist” “white supremacists”, clearly enraging Reuters, who appear to be winning elections in Europe. Non-WEFer-populists (in Sweden, they are “Sweden Democrats”) were voted into office by a bunch of fed-up citizens. Talk about a coal-mine canary. Sweden is the last place I expected this to happen.

And, we also have Salvini, and the Italian election on the 25th, which is the next waypoint on the track. The WEF has no trouble controlling (bribing?) the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. This will be impossible with a patchwork-quilt old-style Europe, each with its own national government, elected by its citizens – unlike in the bureaucrats in Brussels – with an increasing number being non-WEFer populists. I’ve often talked in the past about the EU blowing up due to spending pattern differences between spendy southern Europe and frugal northern Europe. Now, I think the dissolution of the EU might happen due to Plebes rejecting the EU/WEF-Oligarchy “Climate Change” plan to impoverish them all and steal their wealth, cows, and energy. And this event may not be far off. I’ll be watching EUR/USD for clues as to events and timing. Big Money will be the first to know, and then act.

There is progressively more bad news coming out about the Holy Shot. At this point, the 8-Mouse Booster isn’t getting a lot of uptake. How do I know? The op-ed in NY Times about how nobody is noticing how amazing the 8-mouse Booster is, as well as Fauci taking to Twitter and then getting a very negative reception. The responses to the tweet ended up being a metaphorical “toss the sociopathic little Elf across the Potomic” event. And there’s Denmark with its under-50 vaccine ban, the UK and its under-12 vaccine ban, and the newly-acknowledged myocarditis numbers 3-5x higher than previously, the leaked Israeli MOH data, and the report in Canada about how useless the shot actually is. But current marketing status: NYT op-eds and Fauci tweets.

Post-Covid Alzheimers is a new one for me, and so is Centrum Silver and its effects on reducing Alzheimers incidence. Of course, it was par for the course to see the Alzheimers Association tell older Americans not to take multivitamins. “We cannot recommend…” Of course they can’t! After all, if Alzheimers had a solution – even a partial one – donations would drop off sharply because the fear would fall due to a feeling of increased agency among the prospective victims. And that wouldn’t do.

Can you imagine if we beat cancer? And heart disease? And alzheimers? So many jobs at the Cancer Institute, the Heart Disease Institute, and the Alzheimers Institute – just gone. Not to mention jobs at NIH, FDA, and CDC. What a tragedy that would be. Oh sure, Americans might live substantially longer, with longer “health-span” as well. But, think of the job losses at the institutions! This institutional-survival imperative is leveraged by the Oligarchy and turned into an axis of control for their harvesting mechanism – Oligarchy uses strings-attached “funding” to these organizations to stomp out the prospect of cheap and easy competition to keep their harvesting (and population control) mechanisms in place.  So, “we cannot recommend…” is what we Plebes get to hear from institutions that are allegedly looking out for us.

Is this just some “conspiracy theory”? How well does this hypothetical harvesting mechanism work? Here are Dr. Marik’s lifespan and costs numbers for the U.S., compared with the rest of the world. The U.S. has the highest per-capita sickcare spending, and dramatically lower lifespan than the rest of “the West”, and not by a little bit either. The U.S. is a total outlier. This shows that we in the U.S. have been successfully poisoned AND harvested, and that has only increased with the mandated Holy Shot. Here’s something useless and deadly, paid for by you, that you must take. Can’t say no, or, No Job For You! Below is the receipt: X-axis is spending, Y-axis is lifespan, with U.S.: highest X, low Y (Source: @ 6:36 (FLCCC video). Annotation in red: mine.

So, about the post-Covid-Alzheimers: here are some papers that appear to provide evidence in preventing standard Alzheimers, which might be useful given what I believe is an impending spikeopathy-caused Alzheimers wave – due to untreated Covid-19, as well as from repeated Holy Shots among older people. (Removing spikes via encouraging autophagy is probably useful too). Note: these statements have not been evaluated by our awesome Food and Drug Administration – you know, the same group that approved $56,000 Aduhelm that failed in trials, approved the Holy Shot for not-at-risk babies and toddlers, approved the 8-mice Omicron booster, and to whom Ivermectin is a “horse dewormer”. Y’all. Note: I’m not a doctor, and this is not medical advice.

  • Sufficient Dietary Niacin – people, retrospective (Source)
  • Niacinamide – mice – good enough for boosters, amirite? (Source and Source)
  • Niacin – mice (Source)
  • Centrum Silver – people, RCT (Source). [Does Centrum Silver contain Niacin?  Of course!]
  • And Sildenafil – people, retrospective (Source)

While there appears to be a number of contributing causes to Alzheimers (one of them – gut health issues; see leaky gut, Firmicutes/butyrate vs Bacteroides), and a combination of nutrients might be best overall (as always), the establishment has known about one possible remedy for a very long time now, and it may be in use even now. Did you ever notice how none of the aged Oligarchy (in their mid-90s!) die from Alzheimers?

Hypothesis of the week: post-Covid (post-VAX) Alzheimers = spike-induced Pellagra, targeted at the brain.  The “4-Ds of Pellagra” are: dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia…and death. What’s the remedy for Pellagra again?