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ALERT!  Solar Coronal Mass Ejections Inbound – Grid Disruptions Possible

This is an official (and very rare) ALERT. While the odds are the solar storm arriving on Friday night, May 10th 2024 will mean fancy aurora displays, there’s a non-zero chance they could result in electrical and satellite disruptions. Here’s what you need to know.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 10, 2024
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This is an official ALERT.  The definition of an alert for Peak Prosperity is “a piece of data that causes Chris and Evie to take action in response.”

A 12% chance of a killshot means there’s an 88% chance that there won’t be a killshot.  Playing the odds, you’d bet on “that won’t happen.”

But looked at another way, would you pick up a revolver with one live round in one of eight chambers, put it to your head, and play Russian roulette?

I sure wouldn’t.  Those are bad odds.

As soon as this alert is posted, Evie and I will be heading to top off all our fuel cans, purchase additional animal feed, and hit up the grocery stores and bank (for more cash).  Basically, just topping things off, but we’re pretty secure and resilient already so our duties will be light.

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The sun has burped mightily and has sent six gigantic plumes of charged particles our way. They will be arriving beginning tonight,...
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