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Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich

Original Content
By Adam Taggart
Friday, February 5th, 2021

Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich

Original Content
By Adam Taggart on
Friday, February 5th, 2021

Hard working professionals often aren’t as financially successful as we think they are.

That’s for a variety of reasons. But a very large one is while very smart and often well-schooled, these folks were never taught how to properly manage and invest.

So as a result, they find themselves much more of a slave to their paychecks than they want to be. While the financial freedom they dreamed of when starting out on their career continues to remain an elusive goal.

This week’s guest expert Tom Burns, surgeon-turned-entrepreneur and author of the new book Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich, offers hope to professionals of all stripes — not just doctors — that there is a better path to success.

In the video below, he shares his formula for building financial resilience, over time, through creating income streams (and underlying equity) in parallel with keeping your day job.

As the cost of living continues to accelerate while the economy and job security become more volatile, having greater control over your financial destiny becomes more important than ever. Tom’s approach is highly worth considering.

And this is also why now, more than ever, is the time to partner with a financial advisor who understands the nature of the risks and opportunities of today’s economy, can craft an appropriate portfolio strategy for you given your needs, and apply sound risk management protection where appropriate:

 [ Watch & Download This Video on Vimeo ]

Anyone interested in scheduling a free consultation and portfolio review with Mike Preston and John Llodra and their team at New Harbor Financial can do so by clicking here.

And if you’re one of the many readers brand new to Peak Prosperity over the past few months, we strongly urge you get your financial situation in order in parallel with your ongoing physical resilience preparations.

We recommend you do so in partnership with a professional financial advisor who understands the macro risks to the market that we discuss on this website. If you’ve already got one, great.

But if not, consider talking to the team at New Harbor. We’ve set up this ‘free consultation’ relationship with them to help folks exactly like you.

– Peak Prosperity –

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