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Mind Control Tricks Revealed!

Original Content
By Chris Martenson
August 30, 2022

Mind Control Tricks Revealed!

Original Content
By Chris Martenson on
August 30, 2022

You, me, everyone is now part of large and sustained social and psychological experiments being run without our knowledge or our permission. The purpose of these experiments is to craft the best means for persuading “the public” to go along with something.

While we can all hope that the “something” is benign or possibly even to our betterment, in the case of vaccines and other Covid measures, the psychological nudging was being put in place before the data was in or the science remotely settled.

This will turn out to be the greatest misuse of mind control, and propaganda to do the most harm, in medical history. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves, or possibly face huge fines and long jail terms.

In this video report, I cover one out of hundreds of studies that were conducted to try and figure out how to psychologically convince people to (1) get a vaccine, (2) encourage others to do the same, and (3) shame, humiliate, or socially shun anybody who wasn’t gleefully going along with those plans.

In other words, the isolation, the family ruptures and ruined work and social circles were all outcomes engineered by the very latest in government, big tech, media and academic collusion. They wanted people afraid and scared and at each other’s throats.


Because the research results were clear; playing on people’s fears, embarrassment, desire for inclusion, shame and other emotional pressure points were determined to be the most effective means of getting people to conform to the prevailing political and corporate ideologies.

The broken families and ruined childhoods were merely collateral damage to these people. Sometimes you just end up bombing a few wedding parties as you pursue your objectives. No tears are ever shed by these monsters.

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