Home What’s Driving A Worsening Disability Trend? The US Seizes Russian “Reserves” & The Mideast Escalation

What’s Driving A Worsening Disability Trend? The US Seizes Russian “Reserves” & The Mideast Escalation

It was another week of rising long rates – Big Money continues to flee long-dated treasury bonds while China Hoovers up gold. The West continues its program of self-harm and unchecked corruption while also stirring up and/or supporting trouble in the Mideast.

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One medium-term risk: people like me who own short-term t-bills might find, one day, that their 30-day bills have been “duration-extended” into 10-year bonds overnight – and/or a “Treasury Digital Bond” – because “national security”.  One advance warning “signal” for such an event could be when short rates start screaming higher because “reasons”.  Mercifully, that’s not happening right now.  Perhaps the JPY disaster is providing some cover?

Ed Dowd said that a number of his co-workers lost big money on Enron because their egos could not admit they were wrong.  They refused to see the evidence in front of their faces – and during Enron, this led to massive financial losses.  In times like this, ego can be a liability, since “they” are skilled at manipulating us by using our egos to their advantage.

How is the “normie awakening trajectory” going?  Even Alex Berenson, who imagines that IVM doesn’t work, that Paxlovid is wonderful, and still vaxes his kids, sees something wrong with the institutional (Fauci et al) COVID coverup, the nonstop gain-of-function virus research, and how MSM has avoided covering the whole issue.   Nurse Angela at VSRF is another interesting case.  She told us on the call this week that she believed in the system pre-vax.  Then the vax-damage hit, and she slowly came to see that a lot of what she knew was a lie.  I was much more of a crank, but – I’m going through the same thing too.  I mean, I’m not Alex Jones, so I have a lot of catching up to do.  One woo-woo person I listen to calls this process “an ego death.”  She’s not kidding.

And now a Marine whistleblower tells us that 15 US agencies knew that COVID19 was created in a lab.  That’s a lot of agencies.  How many other things might they be hiding?

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