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What The French and UK Elections Really Mean

Prediction: The efforts to remain in power, coupled to people’s general inability to correctly diagnose the cause of their misery, will lead to increasingly chaotic and unbelievable political results in corrupt Western nations.

The User's Profile Chris Martenson July 8, 2024
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If there’s one thing that’s been as true for as long as there have been elections, there have been election shenanigans.

Power hates giving itself up to newcomers and so the amount of election rigging and games has always been whatever the system will allow.

Today is no different, and the French elections proved that in spades.

While Macron has made a right proper mess of France specifically, but also harmed Europe more generally, he has no intention of slinking off in shame. Instead, like all power-hungry people everywhere he doubled down with many co-conspirators to rig the elections in their favor.

Now France has a bit of extra difficulty as it still uses paper ballots so the votes actually count, unlike places that use the highly insecure, unverifiable, and easily manipulated e-voting machines and systems.

To get their way, Macron and his allies had to suddenly withdraw 200 candidates from various races so that the vote would not be split among three possible candidates, but only two, combining the firepower of voting behind one of the remaining two.

The nemesis was (and is) Marine Le Pen and her National Front (FN) which sought to stem and reverse the disastrous migrant policies of the WEF, Brussels, and Macron. Further, and most unforgivably to the Macron-sists, her FN party wanted to “put native French first” and return law and order to the land.

These things are anathema to the Macronists and leftists of France who would prefer the exact opposites preferring to eliminate French culture and to use the cover of social disorder to advance their own aims.

This is a bit like the “homelessness experts” in the US who somehow manage to spend billions and billions of dollars while doing nothing to reduce homelessness, year after year after year. But why should they? After all, they make huge salaries because there are homeless people.

Bizarrely, this is the French outcome:

The power elites managed to rig the elections such that a representative outcome was entirely subverted. In a simpler world, more votes = more seats = more power.

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