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What does the Dollar Rally Mean? Plus, Your Weekly Summary of All That Matters.

It does feel as though there is something lining up.  Eclipses, red cows, Ukraine teetering…some are suggesting late April? Turbo cancers may have hit the possibly-didn’t-get-saline UK royal family. Meanwhile equity markets are partying like risk has been banished forever. But it hasn’t, of course.

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Dave’s Discussion

This week there were more invasion stories, squatter-how-to videos (“unfairness in a bottle”), and an almost-instant response from the Florida government related to squatting, but to me, the “crowd-sourced” response from the community was most interesting. Might this be a template for what is to come?  The Cloward-Piven campaign of deliberate chaos maximization is in progress – but this week it might have exceeded the little people tolerance threshold.  Emergent or a Fedsurrection?  Hard to say right now.

Solid receipts were provided to Congress that the CCP purchased “The Biden Crime Family.”  Now recall that back in 2020, “more than 50 former senior intelligence officials” (only job: protect & defend the US) claimed the Hunter Biden Laptop (which contained the smocking [sic] gun evidence of CCP compromise) was Russian Disinformation. This “former senior intel” group knew (or should have known) and protected the country, but instead, this same group abetted the installation of Manchurian Joe as “President”.  Clearly, the “former senior intelligence officials” don’t give two shits about America’s actual national security, so what do they care about?  And who are they working for?  And what do the rank and file think about all of it?  In the old days, this sort of behavior was called treason.

Meanwhile, RFK Jr continues to gain support.  I say this not because of fake MSM polls, but because I continue to see more actual MSM articles about him – especially the one in the Hill which alleged they are “petrified” of him. The fact that Manchurian Joe won’t give RFK Jr secret service protection is a confession along these same lines. My read: “They” want Trump impoverished, but “they” are so scared of RFK Jr, they want him dead.  Nobody is perfect, but because “they” want him dead…I support him, with Orange Hitler as a backup.  Then again, maybe “they” could run a psyop to “eliminate my support” by giving him Secret Service protection…wink wink…although, his uncle had Secret Service protection, and that didn’t work out so well.  So maybe no Secret Service is a blessing in disguise.


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