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We’re Going Live With Our New Members!

The User's Profile Whitney September 6, 2021
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Webinar Announcement

Chris, Evie, and the PP team want to welcome the hundreds of new members who have joined the Peak community over the past month!

We’ll be discussing all the hot topics that have come up on our forums recently, in addition to helping our new members get oriented and feel at home on the site.

Get into the conversation!

Peak Insider Live 006: 
Thursday, September 9, 2021, 7:00-8:30pm EDT

Members new and old – to register or submit a question, click here.

If you’re considering enrolling and need another reason, this is it! Joining now using this link will let you attend the live session and submit your questions!  Having direct access to Chris and his special guests through regularly scheduled live sessions is a major benefit to our Peak Prosperity members.  If you are interested in trying out our premium service, the link above gives you a special one-month introductory offering, which would allow you to access the live session and all other Insider content, including replay videos. 

The rest is exclusive content for members

Curious about what being a member offers? Sign up now for a risk-free trial and get a sneak peek into the premium content, features, and perks awaiting you on the other side.


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Jeanne here from the Peak Team! Just wanted to invite especially our new members who have never attended one of Chris’s live webinars before. This...
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