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Welcome To The Truman Show (A Scouting Report)

Warren Buffet once said that if the US were a village it would be named Squanderville. The US is now on a path that leads straight past that village to a place of hardship and ruin. Why? Mainly because we screwed up our markets and made them dysfunctional that they no longer do what they should.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 30, 2023
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Note:  From time to time I will make My Scouting Reports public as my mission is to reach as many people as possible while we still can.  This is one of those times.

Warren Buffet once said that if the US were a village it would be named Squanderville.  The US is rapidly converting extraordinary advantages into squandered opportunities.

For example, we’re ripping shale oil out of the ground so quickly that it has to be exported while also not doing one damn thing to prepare for that eventual day when it peaks and dwindles.

Welcome to Squanderville!  May the odds ever be in your favor

If you haven’t watched the recent interview I did with Professor Simon Michaux, the plotline is simple; we’re all busy telling ourselves that there’s going to be this seamless and easy green energy transition, but nobody in power has yet dragged a pencil across a napkin to calculate if there are enough basic resources to get the job done.

Spoiler alert: there aren’t.

So today I build on that basic premise and extend into markets and commodity prices to show that one of the most basic mechanisms we depend on to ensure we have what we need to get anything done is now broken, possibly beyond repair.  Or at least repair in time.

In time for what?  To gather the necessary resources to build out a new energy future.

Most distressingly, the #1 commodity of them all, oil, is now set to decline for many years into the future, and possibly forever.  To say we’re not ready for this is a massive understatement.

And, if I am right, then we all need to be mentally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually ready for some dark times.

So, I guess I am saying plant a garden.  Get to know your neighbors better.  Get in shape.  And get ready.

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