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Welcome To The Quickening. Things Go Faster From Here.

What if a war with Russia is used as a pretext for suspending the upcoming elections? What if ‘they’ blunder into breaking the economy? Your reactions (or lack thereof) will determine your fate.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jun 07, 2024
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Four big things are discussed in this vital report.

  • The increasing frictions with and military moves against Russia that are escalating the likelihood of an all-out war
  • The distinct lack of any apparent campaigning on the part of the Collectivists in power. They simply don’t care, and none of the possible reasons why are good.
  • The extremely concerning weaponization of legal lawfare against any and all opponents to the Team Biden crew.
  • How your Adjustment Reaction plays into all this and your future survival and prosperity

One frame that works for me is to stuff many of the recent actions of Team Biden into a folder labeled “There Won’t Be An Election.”

It’s like they either already know the outcome is assured in their favor, or that there won’t be an election.

The most likely reason why there won’t be an election is because we’ll be at war with Russia.  On that front, the news is coming in fast and thick.

Of course this will be wrapped up in some sort of an ‘explanation’ that will make sense to the people already in power,  but it will be a transparent fraud.

“Biden had to step down in the interests of the country due to the additional and exceptional pressure of being at war with Russia (finally and yay!).  Because a war is no time to make abrupt shifts of power, and because we can all agree that turning over a war-time operation to Trump is not in anyone’s best interests, we’d like to introduce you to your temporary war-time President, Gavin Newsome, and his VP Mike Johnson. 

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Hi Chris,
I can personally corroborate your comment on cognitive issues in vaccinated individuals. Living in Canada, my government forced me to get vaccinated, or lose...
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