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WEF and Their Diabolical Reshaping of the World

The User's Profile Phil Denniston October 26, 2021
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Written by Phil Denniston

Part I: Evisceration of America as we knew it.

One big question perplexing all thinking Americans today: Who’s in charge of the executive branch of government?

No one conceivably thinks Joe Biden is calling shots. Kamala Harris – handpicked as successor – must have proven completely unmanageable. Otherwise, why let Sleepy Joe remain the frontman?

As Chris Martenson has alluded, perhaps that’s part of the psyops…

Our confidence, our trust in American leadership is all but extinguished simply by their actions – Afghanistan, vaccine mandates, inflation, shortages, critical race theory in schools, labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists – that confidence would be lost no matter the face.

But what could cause more disillusionment, more anxiety, a total crisis of our own identity, than leaving this broken, fumbling, demented old man in the Office of the Presidency?

Meanwhile, Kamala is permitted only to tweet, mostly around two themes-

Tax the rich, and Build Back Better.

Ahh, tax “the rich”, the familiar old lie politicians roll around in (like pigs in slop), sticking it to small business owners and career professionals with ever higher income tax.

The super-rich who pull the strings didn’t get that way filing W-2s.

It’s all a giant puppet show, and while it always has been – at least since the assassination of an unmanageable, principled, peace-loving JFK – now it’s in plain, unmistakable sight.

The front men are, well, just that.

So, who’s in charge?  

There are competing factions, no doubt. Every TLA (three-letter acronym) of the Deep State does its own bidding first, but there’s a common theme emanating not only from the Biden Administration, but world leaders managing the dystopian, lockdown, COVID-crisis-countries in the “West”.

That theme, of course, is Build Back Better. Bureaucrats and technocrats alike sing the chorus, a slogan popularized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their Great Reset agenda-

As a thought experiment, let’s say WEF is pulling the strings. What kind of world would we expect to see? What would America look like? Does that resemble the one that we have now?

And if so, where will it go next?

In his book, COVID 19: The Great Reset, supervillain and WEF Founder & Chairman Klaus Schwab reveals his cards. Clearly drooling, here was his July 2020 take on the COVID opportunity-

“The spread of infectious diseases has a unique ability to fuel fear, anxiety and mass hysteria. In so doing… it also challenges our social cohesion and collective capacity to manage a crisis. Epidemics are by nature divisive and traumatizing. What we are fighting against is invisible; our family, friends and neighbors may all become sources of infection; those everyday rituals that we cherish, like meeting a friend in a public place, may become a vehicle for transmission; and the authorities that try to keep us safe by enforcing confinement measures are often perceived as agents of oppression. Throughout history, the important and recurring pattern has been to search for scapegoats and place the blame firmly on the outsider.” (Location 152, Kindle)

There you have it, folks. Sounds like the last 18 months, yes?

If you weren’t buying Chris’s hypothesis, that we are now in a mass hysteria, ol’ Klaus couldn’t keep his big, fat, salivating mouth shut. He told us it was coming thirteen months ago.

Hairless cat in his lap, and fingers twiddling…

First, we’ll use the opportunity – never let a crisis waste, ya? – to bang the COVID drums louder and louder until you are scared to death, a total hysteria, destroying the cohesion of society itself, dividing families and communities – brother against brother, father vs son, neighbor after neighbor. Then we’ll introduce the vaccines – holy, beloved, beautiful vaccines – the righteous path to normalcy. As we ratchet crisis up and down with a Greek alphabet of COVID variants, we’ll blame the whole mess on the unwashed, unvaccinated. We’ll blame until you are ready to hurt. Then, we’ll have total control to implement the Great Reset agenda to save the world.

With most quickly lined up and hypnotized, marching to the tune of Schwab’s fiddle, where would the WEF lead us? What would that America begin to look like?

For that we turn to their Eight Predictions for 2030-

This gives us clues about where they’d like to go (for more detail, just visit or read the book, it’s not conspiracy theory when they put it in print). Like Klaus drooling over COVID lockdowns, they love gushing about their plans, and haven’t figured out how creepy they are.

Watch the eerie video, but to sum up their eight predictions-

  1. You’ll own nothing, and like it. Anything you need, you’ll rent (from them).
  2. The USA will lose power and influence.
  3. They’ll print human organs in a laboratory.
  4. No soup (meat) for you!
  5. Western democracies will be flooded with refugees.
  6. The carbon racket is here. Energy – and therefore everything – will cost more.
  7. By 2030, you could be going to Mars, alongside Oprah and Elon (like that time you had lunch with them yesterday, you stupid little morons).
  8. Western values will be broken and surrendered.

These predictions fall into two categories-

(a) Futuristic, altruistic technobabble designed to capture imaginations, make us feel included, and take us on a magical journey into the future (like Tomorrowland at Disney).

(b) Outright drooling for a global, totalitarian state; a giant, feudal pyramid with them on top. Transhuman Gods reaping the spoils from saving the world, and us on the bottom, hauling gravel.

The video was released in 2016, and most of the predictions are coming true. Slowly, then all at once, just as America or (Ernest Hemmingway’s Mike Campbell) is bankrupted.  

Biden is front man, but you can trace these threads back even further, carefully connecting dots to 9/11 or further. It’s just now, the hockey stick has turned up and gone vertical.

Property Rights

Sure, we still have those. They’re just subject to force majeure.

How many small businesses failed because governments forced them to close? Why is their business essential, and ours is nonessential?

How can the CDC put a moratorium on rent payments to property owners by willing renters with binding leases governing rights and responsibilities, singlehandedly destroying the sanctity of contracts?

Have they heard of the US Constitution?

I guess if the Fed can print money, Rochelle Walensky can impair contracts. Jimmy crack corn, and they don’t care.

Who owns my body if the President – not even the lawmaking branch of government – can force my employer to mandate an experimental mRNA vaccine injection?

Why can BlackRock and CEO Larry Fink (on the WEF Board of Trustees) borrow at nearly 0% to buy up whole neighborhoods, creating a permanent class of renters?

Who in their right mind would think a populace is so stupid, so blind to the lessons of history, so abused and bamboozled, that a future without property rights would appeal to them?

As long as we have Netflix, Facebook, and drone deliveries of cricket burgers, we’ll be all set?

Power and Influence

The USA has become the laughing stock of the world, the pièce de resistance being our bumbling withdrawal from Afghanistan, power and influence be damned.

This may answer the question of why they keep ol’ sleepy Joe in the office. It’s not about showing credibility to push through an agenda. It’s about infecting the country with rot.

Can you think of anything more damning to the American brand? Anything at all? Not even Trump’s buffoonry can match the damage done by Biden’s clueless, fecklessness.

Where’s the power and influence in this? How did we get here? Was he the best we could do?

Joe Biden was never the will of the American people. With Sanders running away with the nomination, Lucy yanked the democratic football from ol’ Bernie for the 2nd time in four years.

The machine panicked at Trump vs. Sanders, four more years without real control.

There was an emergency meeting over a Mahogany conference table, shrimp cocktail was served, and wham, the wheels were quickly greased in just the places. The next five candidates fell in line, Bloomberg, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar and Steyer, dropping campaigns and endorsing Biden-!

Just like that, Pop! goes the weasel.

Full disclosure, I have never voted for Trump, Sanders, or Biden, but I’m fairly certain only one would go along with the WEF agenda. Heading into Super Tuesday, he was toast. Then, just like the rug pull on Sanders four years prior (anointing Hilary), he was in like Flynn, a new lease on life.

They got him in office, but they can’t fix dementia.

Biden is very obviously cooked, and on a very obvious, and very rapid decline. The only question is, will they pull a weekend at Bernie’s when he drops dead in the tub?

Meat is getting rationed

Klaus Schwab, Greta Thunberg, and the 0.1% think cows cause climate change, so you’ll get less of them. It doesn’t really matter, the 2nd or 3rd order consequences. These people think in straight lines.

Evil lines, sure, but they don’t understand complex systems.

This is becoming apparent in a few different ways-

  • Everything now gets rationed through higher prices and shortages. Our favorite beef product – Southwest Marinated Sirloin (mmm, fajitas) from Central Market in Austin is up 60% since pre-pandemic, from $9.99 to $15.99 per pound. The official number for the last 12 months is 17%.
  • They tell us where we can and cannot shop, and where we can and cannot go. It’s a short trip from there to what we can and cannot eat. #HungryTogether
  • Major investments in lab grown meat and bugs as a better source of protein, plus considerable fanfare and Internet writing about it… What has four legs, antennae and can feed the world? Did you know crickets need 12x less feed than cows to produce the same protein?

And guess who’s got his greasy hands all over it, the Mister Rogers of the pandemic, funding All Things Bugs, Beyond Meats, Carbon Engineering, Impossible Foods, Memphis Meats, and Pivot Bio, now also the largest holder of farmland in the USA? Yup, Mr. Vaccine himself, Bill Gates-

The evil Mister Rogers, I should clarify. Unlike Bill Gates, Fred Rogers was a good man.

I’ve also read (but cannot verify) that his and many government investments in farmland will be used to shutter meat production, simply turn it off and cull the herds, not unlike California closing coal, natural gas, and nuclear plants to increase the state’s energy consumption share of renewables.

Umm, okay, but how about production? Like, when we need food? Or energy?

Anyone? Bueller?

This has disaster written all over it. Remember, it’s not the change, but the pace of change, that hurts.

Refugees are here (and will keep coming)

No matter your feelings on immigration, and how it should or should not happen, it’s happening now en masse, and very chaotically-

Border Crisis in pictures – Google Search

Shocking photos show 4,500 migrants camped under bridge in Texas community – Washington Times

“These people are basically turning themselves in to Border Patrol, and Border Patrol has no room for them at the Border Patrol station,” (Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez) told The Washington Times. “They’re technically not in custody. They come up, they’re given a ticket for placement, and they’re laying around waiting for a bus to pick them up.” The camp sits underneath the International Bridge between Del Rio and Ciudad Acuña in Mexico… The migrants are taking advantage of the Biden administration’s approach to border enforcement… Del Rio used to be a relatively calm part of the border but has seen massive increases this year in illegal activity and in border deaths. The region doesn’t have the infrastructure to accommodate the people it’s getting — including doing COVID testing… Sheriff Martinez said the migrant camp needs immediate attention. “It is not safe, it is not healthy, for all involved, for the people that are down there underneath the bridge. It is a situation that in my opinion has gone south and it’s not going to get any better until somebody does something,”

It began with a refugee crisis into Europe in 2015 (from the Middle East and North Africa), now they’re pouring into the USA from Central and South America, Haiti, Mexico, and Afghanistan.

The WEF said the cause will be climate change, but this is not due to climate change. It’s their forever wars, political instability, and the moving of pawns around chess boards by sociopaths.

The string-pullers see this as an opportunity to divide and destroy national identities, diluting any sense of unity, cohesion, and shared culture. It’s textbook divide-and-conquer.

The carbon racket is here

And it’s gone bananas in the form of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG).

Polluters will have to pay more, so altruistic, right? This “will make fossil fuels history”, they say. First off, how ridiculous is that statement?

Fossil fuels are 79% of US energy consumption-

U.S. energy consumption by source and sector, 2020 (

If we could wave our magic wand and (a) double energy production (and consumption) of renewables, (b) make everything 2x as efficient (and retrofitted for all-electric), and (c) not grow the economy or population at all, we’d still have to kill one in every three Americans to eliminate fossil fuels. 

It’s more ridiculous technobabble.

Come take a ride, the world of tomorrow awaits! Leave your worries and your freedoms at the door, and come through the turnstile. Step right up, the magic’s in here!

Carbon credits and the ESG movement are just another racket to skim wealth and impart control on the productive economy, putting it in the hands of bureaucrats and busybodies, picking winners and losers by favoring projects who are willing to play in their giant game of screw-the-little-guy.

But ESG is here, and they love it. More tools to arrange our hamster maze.

Say goodbye to Western Values

What are these ‘western values’ they speak of?

Whether we think of a capitalist meritocracy, self-determination and the pursuit of happiness, democracy and voting rights, property rights, religious freedom, the rights to speech, assembly, or to bear arms, all these things flow from two core principles: Liberty, and justice.

Liberty means freedom from arbitrary or despotic control, and Justice means equal treatment under the law. It does not mean two classes of people, renters vs owners, vaxed vs unvaxed.

That pledge we made back in elementary school; it was not to the WEF.

It was not to Klaus Schwab or Joe Biden or to Netflix or Facebook. It was not to the US Government, to Congress, to the Office of the Presidency, to unquestioned authority, or even to America itself.

The allegiance I offered was to a Flag that promised those two things, and those things only: Liberty, and Justice for all. One nation, under God (with your freedom to worship or not, as you wish), and indivisible. Indivisible, that is, as long as those two core rights remained intact.

Liberty and justice are hanging by a thread.

The WEF is at the gates, and the deep state is letting them in. But the real power from our Republic is with us, in our numbers. To hell with the busybodies, don’t give them another inch.


Members join us for Part II here: Where to next…And who are they?


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