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We Reclaim Our Power By Withdrawing Our Consent

Episode 99 Part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Feb 28, 2023
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Today I am offering a set of tools to (1) foresee what’s coming and (2) stopping these sickos.

It’s clear we’re under enemy attack, but who is it exactly?  Sometimes it’s not easy to tell, because it is a mélange of actual sickos along with their cadre of useful/willing foot soldiers.

But the sickos have a problem … or maybe it’s a feature.  They seemingly cannot help themselves from telling us, right out in public, what they are about to do, or are doing.  Or maybe it’s a requirement of being in their club – a ritual of sorts – maybe a thrill they get from brazenly saying what they are doing and then doing it.

But there’s another possibility that rests on the concept of “Karmic Retribution.”  This is the idea that if you do bad things in this life, you will cart along that baggage to the next life.  So how do you do ‘bad things’ but relieve yourself of the baggage?  Simple!  You just tell your potential victims what you are going to do and if they do not actively resist or remain quiet, then you’ve secured their consent.  It’s no longer ‘on you’ but has been given over to your victim(s). You become partners in the deed and therefore any ills that result are no longer upon your karmic ledger.

So our challenge is to “believe them the first time” when they tell us what they are up to. 

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You Can Say “no.”
Dr. Chris, that was an AWESOME presentation of both Part One and Part Two. I used your push back strategy of just...
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