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War, Inflation and the Coming Hard Landing

Episode 3 part 2

user profile picture Chris Martenson Apr 14, 2022
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Indicators and data. Inputs and logistics. These are but a few of the information points that require deep dives to get an accurate picture of what is taking place in our economy and how it will impact your family.

Major nations have been asked to pay for Russian oil and gas with rubles, euros, and even Bitcoin; anything but the dollar. I’ve spoken about the death of the Petrodollar in the recent past, and every day it’s becoming less concept and more reality. What does it mean for the economy? Will it exacerbate hyperinflation? What does it mean to you? Today. I brought onto the show Lawrence Lepard of  Equity Management Associates, LLC, a hedge fund, and we spoke about how he sees the petrodollar unwinding and other macro events.

He had a number of concrete views about how to manage and protect your paycheck and wealth. In short, he says, “Get thee into hard assets, pronto!”

Speaking of Russia, it joined China in declaring that they are at peak oil, which means less and less production…and with shrinking supply comes higher prices. Even Saudi Arabia is acting cagey about its production.

Oh, and we can’t ignore the propaganda machine at work. There may be evidence Ukraine’s own weapons are being used on its own citizens. Focus on what we tell you to look at…that is the mantra, right?

Finally, I speak of the possibility that the spike protein causes AIDS. 

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