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VIDEO: How To Ride The Gold (& Silver) Bull

The User's Profile Adam Taggart September 5, 2019
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The prospects for further gold and silver price appreciation has rarely looked this strong.

Despite the nice jump in price gold, silver and the mining stocks have enjoyed so far this year, we’re still in the early innings (perhaps still the first!) of this new precious metals bull market. If history is any guide, the real action still lies ahead.

In fact, if the early 2000s bull run is any guide the average gold stock will multiply four times from current levels — and the better ones could go up 10 times or more.

Yesterday, we aired a live webinar with several of the top experts on resource investing focused on how to position for (and not screw up!) the tremendous price appreciation wave that likely lies ahead for this sector.

It’s featured faculty were Rick Rule, president & CEO of Sprott US Holdings and renowned resource investor;  Chris Martenson PhD, economic analyst and co-founder of; and Brien Lundin, editor of the world’s oldest precious metals newsletter and producer of the world’s longest-running investment conference.

You can watch the full webinar below:

YouTube video

For those inspired by the above webinar and interested in taking action within their own portfolios, here’s a short post-mortem recorded with Peak Prosperity’s endorsed financial advisor:

YouTube video

It’s important to reinforce both Brien Lundin’s and Rick Rule’s strong assessment that — despite the robust recent run-up in gold and silver prices — we’re still “very early” in the appreciation cycle for the precious metals mining sector.

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