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Episode 93 Part 2

What we still can’t say publicly, put behind the paywall for subscribers.

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jan 17, 2023
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Censorship is still a big problem for me and many others who are daring to observe things and ask questions that the medical-industrial-media complex would rather not be discussed.

Accordingly, the parts of the interview with embalmers Richard Hirschman and Anna Marie Brassfield Foster where we discuss vaccine linkages and ponder such questions as “should I request unvaccinated blood at the hospital?” are being put here behind the paywall for subscribers.

Additionally, there is a presentation by me that explores the “died suddenly” cases of January 2023, as well as the incredibly solid evidence that officially recognized disability claims correlate very highly with vaccine rollout schedules.

It’s completely obvious folks: the vaccines are the largest and worst medical intervention in all of history. But somehow, the bureaucracies, media, and pharma companies are still insisting on gaslighting us and appear to care not one whit if they kill or maim millions more.

Yes, it’s that bad.

Important! This week you get 2x the content: Part II of the embalmers interview (which has some incredible nuggets in it) and another romp through the current data and issues as per usual.

The rest is exclusive content for members

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