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Here behind the paywall I can let my hair down – okay, poor metaphor for me – and let you know what I’m really thinking. Again, please keep our conversations and thoughts here private, as the mainstream culture and press are not yet ready for most of these ideas.

Two main things are being discussed in this video:

Issue 1: Magnetic Injection Sites

The highly repeatable observation that 20% to 50% of people with either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines (both mRNA vaccines) have magnetic injection sites. I thought this couldn’t possibly be true a few weeks ago, but then Evie and Livio and I saw it right here in front of our eyes on the front porch of Honey Badger Farms in two separate people. We filmed it too.

I’ve since seen 100+ other videos out there on the net, primarily on the uncensored “fringe” video channels like Odysee and BitChute. Many of those videos are of seriously poor quality in both artistry and in terms of providing enough context to allow any conclusions to be drawn.

But then a video like the one displayed here today comes along where the interviewer/tester has the appropriate level of curiosity and skepticism to pull it off. That’s what happens here with clear camera angles, wiping down of arms beforehand to remove the possibility of sweat causing any sticking, and assuring that the arms are as close to dead vertical as possible.

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I was reading further in the paper I referenced above reviewing activity of reactive Oxygen species (ROS) in the functioning of our immune system. ...
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