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The Trust Continuum And Gold’s Role In Preserving Wealth

Where do exponential debt and fiscal recklessness lead? Why straight to gold and silver, of course. Join myself and Dave Russell, the CEO of GoldCore, as we dissect the many signals indicating that a new era of gold and silver are upon us.

user profile picture Chris Martenson May 27, 2024
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Today, I am excited to present an in-depth discussion featuring Dave Russell, the CEO of GoldCore, on the (sorry) state of the world of money & finance and gold’s role as a protector of wealth. Dave Russell brings over 25 years of deep financial experience and has a rare ability to translate that for those of us with far less experience.

As it has for many other similarly experienced people, his journey through the financial markets led him to gold and silver.  That was my journey too so I know it well.  Exponential debt and weak leadership unable to stomach any near-term spending limits form a sandy foundation upon which our economic house of cards are perched. With a small amount of rummaging through the history books, gold and silver immediately emerge as rational elements in anyone’s portfolio.

In our conversation, we explore the historical context of gold and silver, their role in the current economic environment, and why they continue to be an essential part of a diversified investment portfolio. We also touch on the increasing interest from central banks, particularly in the East, and what this means for the future of these precious metals.

Most importantly, Dave expertly dissects “the trust continuum” explaining how GoldCore’s offering is neatly designed to fit neatly into a person’s portfolio of holdings.  When trust is thin, or even absent, as it is with me and the shenanigans of Wall Street and the MIA regulators, it’s vital to have options where each part of a custody arrangement is both easily verified and transparent.  GoldCore gets that and has designed its offerings accordingly. Learn more about their offerings here.

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