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The Perfect Storm

The User's Profile Chris Martenson September 28, 2021
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This video is a continuation.  If you haven’t watched Part 1, find it here.

The world is filled with complicated supply chains that are now breaking down.  As bad as those are, they are perfectly solvable.  At least in normal times.  

Now we face a perfect storm of a global energy crisis that has taken everyone by surprise.  Well, at least those who weren’t paying attention.  Last June, I again beat on the table top pointing out the profound lack of capital investment in oil & gas production and noted that this foretold a period of supply shortfalls.  It’s not a minor amount, but fully $500 billion less per year than would be necessary to keep things humming along as they were.

That lack of investment is all in the rear view mirror.  It’s done.  Nothing we can do about it now except to manage the consequences. 

Meanwhile, the US is shot through with people who are worrying about things that are, quite literally, of zero consequence to the world of materials, food, and energy shortages.

Covid itself is simply not that big of a deal to our daily lives, except to the degree that “woke” leadership (which is code speak for “authoritarian”) is using it to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in their populations in order to extract a greater degree of control and compliance from their subjects.

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Thank you for reporting on Australia, I currently live on in the outskirts of Melbourne.
witnessing the brutality has been so messed up. witnessing our rights...
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