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The Omicron Overreaction

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 27, 2021
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In part I, you should have learned that this new variant is startling in just how many freaking mutations it has.  On that basis alone I am willing to give it a lot of attention.  It stands out like a sore thumb on the clade charts.

But we really don’t know anything scientifically or medically about it.  As a means of being very generous to science, in fact we know a lot in very short order about its precise amino acid changes, how those fit or stand out evolutionarily, and what they might mean.  In prior decades what we’ve learned in a matter of days would have taken ten years or more, so there’s that.

Again, we don’t know:

  • If Omicron will be more or less deadly
  • If it will be medically more difficult or easier to deal with
  • If prior infection confers meaningful immunity or not
  • If prior vaccinations confer meaningful immunity or not
  • If ADE will suddenly become a very bad thing or not.

What I do know is that the sheer number of substitutions makes me very suspicious.  Was this little beastie also made in a lab, or tweaked to make it have certain gains of function?  It’s entirely possible.

While speculation on my part, I will note that by now we should have seen some other comparable “massive burst of mutations” in some other examples.  This is the first of which I am aware. 

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I never asked for any of this, but when tapped on the shoulder by an unseen hand that tells me my [our] life and liberty...
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