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The Antidote To This Insanity

The User's Profile Chris Martenson July 26, 2019
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UPDATE:  A podcast version of this report is now available.  To listen Click Here.

(There’s extra material in the podcast, as the report is expanded upon in various spots by Chris Martenson)


Executive Summary

  • Our complex economy is poised for a forced, painful simplification
  • The urgency to prepare for this inevitable Tipping Point
  • The actions I’m taking right now in my own life to prepare for this

If you have not yet read Part 1: Overdosing On Crazy Pills, available free to all readers, please click here to read it first.

Have you had your fill of crazy pills too?  Looking for the antidote?

Start by tuning out anything that’s obviously wrong and/or misleading. It’s simply not worth the mental energy to try and either refute or make sense of such inanity.

By extension, limit your exposure to those who thrive on their daily allotment of crazy pills.  Or at least, avoid the usual topics that start them ranting.

These are nearly everywhere, I’ll grant.  Here’s an example from today’s front page of the Wall Street Journal.  Two front page headlines, one right on top of the other:

Europe is suffering both under a heat wave and from a lack of rainfall for two years running.

Power plants are shutting down due to the lack of cooling water. River barge traffic is halted due to low river levels. Farms are in terrible shape.

Yet you can read the entire article about the record-breaking heat and drought and there’s not one mention of a possible connection between these weather anomalies and economic growth.

Just beneath the first is a second article about how the European Central Bank is busy doing everything possible to spur more growth into the European economy because it’s terrified that inflation is too low.  If you can believe such nonsense.

And there’s not one word in the entire article about a possible connection between the ECB’s efforts and their ecological consequences.

In a world addicted to crazy pills, these are unconnected articles.

In the world you and I inhabit, everything connects to everything else.

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Thanks for this post Chris. Details on that solar oven please. Aloha, Steve.
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