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The Agenda Revealed

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 24, 2021
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This is a continuation of Part 1 which you can view here.

What’s the real agenda?  Well, historically speaking, nearly every war has been about resources.  Food, oil, power, control, trade, and access to critical resources have been the reasons for both standing armies and the wars they’ve fought.

Today is no different, except for the fact that this time the world is now critically and permanently short of available new resources per capita.  As the WEF (Davos crowd) says, “the world is going to need 3 planets of resources by 2050.”

Well, we only have one planet.  So what are our options here?  That’s easy; (1) fewer resources per capita and/or (2) fewer people.  Or some blend of the two.

Given this information, and assuming you were legitimately in power as the Davos crowd is, what would you do?  There, again, your options are to either (1) be honest with everyone or (2) lie.

The problem with option (2), which is the option currently selected by the ‘in crowd’ at Davos, is that it does not account for the true complexity of the global economy nor does it seem to have an appreciation for how things actually work.  Probably this is the consequence of the Davos crowd mostly being financiers and/or too-far removed from the actual toils of daily life to grasp the actual realities involved.

Because of all this, it seems all but certain that the protests will only grow and people become more agitated and disenfranchised with their ‘leadership’ and that the winter…

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