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Talk Of A Rate *Increase*(?!), The Metals Correct, And The Bird-Flu-Pivot

Criminals always double down, and that’s what we are seeing right now: a new fake pandemic, actual war, and maybe even economic disaster (inflation-then-deflation), as well as some serious currency issues.

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I’m not seeing any short-term events built into prices going into the weekend, so that’s near-term good news, and we’ve had a dip in metals prices, which is nice if you have been feeling some metals-FOMO.

I probably live in my bubble, but for me, the “bird flu pivot” really isn’t looking great.  Back 4 years ago, the Covid scam definitely scared everyone, me included.  I bought N95 masks back in Feb 2020, and I sprayed stuff with bleached-water!  This time – the vibe feels entirely different.  On our side, we have Five Times August and his masked-birdie meme, while on “their” side is all the silly stuff about how deadly all that “pinkeye” is – requiring hazmat suits and mass bird-and-cow culling (coincidentally resulting in No Food For You).  “President” Zients really needs to get his Diverse and Equity-Included Head of Memes onboard yesterday.  They/them can go head-to-head with Five Times August.
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I suspect there isn’t enough demand for certain durations of Treasury bonds, and there’s a large demand for other durations. So the “answer” is,...
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