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Coronavirus: ‘Nothing To See Here’ Say Markets & The Media

As the Wuhan coronavirus spread worsens, the financial markets are throwing one hell of party, hitting record highs. Yet the world’s #2 economy, China, just hung up a big “CLOSED”

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday February 4th, 2020
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Why The Time To Prepare For The Coronavirus Is *NOW*

As Chris explains, even though we’ll have a lot more clarity on the coronavirus within two weeks, why wait until then to take action? The time to make your preparations

By Adam Taggart on Tuesday February 4th, 2020
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Coronavirus: How Bad Will It Get?

The official data on the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus continues to suggest a geometric growth rate. Which explains why more and more infectious disease experts are now openly calling

By Adam Taggart on Monday February 3rd, 2020
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The W.H.O. Just Prioritized Money Over Human Life

Today the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) declared that the Wuhan coronavirus is indeed now a pandemic. Scary news, right? Well…not if you kept listening. The W.H.O. then proceeded to downplay

By Adam Taggart on Friday January 31st, 2020
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Coronavirus Update: The Calm Before The Storm

The sudden lack of new information coming out of China has Chris spooked. He walks us through the math here, showing how if the coronavirus follows its current geometric growth,

By Adam Taggart on Wednesday January 29th, 2020
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