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Off the Cuff: The Shift From Paper Assets To Real Ones Is On

In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss: Mass-delusional Markets Investors are mistaking the destruction of our fiat system as prosperity The Shift From Paper To Real Assets Is On

By Adam Taggart on Friday November 21st, 2014
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Brian Pretti: The World’s Capital Is Now Dangerously Boxed In

This week Chris speaks with Brian Pretti, managing editor of, a financial commentary site published by institutional buy-side portfolio managers. In their discussion, they focus on the global movement of

By Adam Taggart on Saturday January 4th, 2014
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Four Signs That We’re Back in Dangerous Bubble Territory

As the global equity and bond markets grind ever higher, abundant signs exist that we are once again living through an asset bubble – or rather a whole series of

By Chris Martenson on Tuesday May 21st, 2013
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This Gold Slam is a Massive Wealth Transfer from Our Pockets to the Banks

I am very disappointed by, but not surprised at, the latest transfer of wealth to the bankers from everyone else.  The most recent gold bear raid has vastly enriched the

By Chris Martenson on Monday April 15th, 2013
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The Real Reason the Economy Is Broken (and Will Stay That Way)

We are far enough and deep enough into the most heroic monetary and fiscal efforts ever undertaken to finally ask, why aren't these measures working? Or at least we should

By Chris Martenson on Wednesday February 13th, 2013
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