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System Failure: What’s Coming & Actions You Can Take

Original Content
By Chris Martenson
October 25, 2022

System Failure: What’s Coming & Actions You Can Take

Original Content
By Chris Martenson on
October 25, 2022

This is my most important advice given. Today, I am going to reveal exactly how I have become such an effective communicator. These are the keys to my success and I am freely giving them to you now. If you’ve ever wanted to communicate more effectively, there are some vital lessons here in Episode 81.

Perhaps you feel it too, a sense of impending disaster. The reason for that is you are paying attention.

To figure out how to move past that, and into effective and positive actions, is to have a filtering process and an effective scaffolding upon which you can more easily and efficiently hang the world’s news. If you don’t, it’s all troubling noise. There are simply too many things to track to even begin to absorb even a tiny fraction of it all.

Many people consider me to be an important information scout in their lives, a function I perform well and thoroughly as I am constantly scanning the world’s information highways and crevices for relevant, useful and important tidbits.

What most people aren’t aware of how much time I spend figuring out how to communicate those tidbits in a way that people can understand them and – most importantly – absorb them. To be a great communicator, or educator, or mentor, what matters most is that you are able to get the stuff inside your own head to land inside somebody else ‘s head.

To do this, even though it may seem like I am discussing some fairly random bit of data – perhaps a clinical trial, or perhaps a bond market event – I always have a frame for that data and I am conscious of the narrative structure I am using.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate more effectively, you have to be aware of both of these items.

And if you’re not, but simply want to understand the world better, and maybe have a heads-up on future events before they unfold, understanding the methods I use will help you orient more quickly and completely to the world and its hyper complicated events as they unfold in real time. Or, at least appreciate the amount of thoughtfulness, time and effort that goes into my content relative to other’s (particularly the MSM).

Finally, Episode 81 ends with some encouragement, I hope, in the form of how this world view has shaped and drives the action Evie and I undertake in our lives. Problem, reaction, solution. For us, the final tally of all the data I pour through and present each week has resulted in us owning a farm.

I sincerely hope you both enjoy this episode and get a lot out of it. Whether you do or you don’t, please let me know.

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