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Surviving This Won’t Be Easy

user profile picture Chris Martenson Jul 21, 2023
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It’s time to face the facts.  The communists/authoritarians among us are deadly serious.  They are willing to break any rule, breach any moral convention, trample every right, and punish any who get in their way.

Same as it has always been throughout history.

The collectivists, as G. Edward Griffin calls them, are a particularly cheerless lot, as ruthless as they are hypocritical.

They will demand your perfect obedience to their vacuous ideology, but then grant themselves infinite latitude to break their own rules.  Date a 16-year-old as a 17-year-old?  You’re going to be branded for life as a sexual predator because that’s how serious we are about protecting children!

“Oh, and we’re not going to look into Jeffrey Epstein or the rampant child sexual trafficking going on because, uh, reasons.”

This will all have to play itself out, or rather burn itself out.  The evidence (presented herein) is conclusive and overwhelming.  Our job is to (1) believe it and (2) make our plans and (3) take the necessary actions.

Remember, anything you do today will seem like an over-reaction, but in retrospect will prove to be a complete underreaction.

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I glad you spoke on this and I’m here to let you and Martenson know that I am a second person you now know who...
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