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Seven signs of the end, and for whom the bell tolls

The User's Profile Phil Denniston August 18, 2022
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As the ball trundles down, my family spends much time considering our “Plan Bs”. Plans B through C are at least roughly carved for location, with bolt-holes in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua, Steamboat Springs, CO, and with the Brookside Partnership led by Chris, Evie and the team across from Honey Badger Farms.

Meanwhile, working squarely inside the matrix (in the healthcare space) with four kids in pre-school through middle school, we’re also like frogs slowly being brought to a boil.

What events, then, do we need to see to think about pulling the plug on Plan A, leaving work, school, family, and our daily lives in Austin in order to evoke one or more of our Plans B, C and D?

1. Vaccine mandates and digital passports

For a while, it felt this one was not only close, but inevitable. It was our original line in the sand. As a family, we decided that should it be announced as law, that the government would claim full autonomy over our bodies and those of our children with a date in place for implementation, that would be the last straw, the death of America as we knew it, enough for us to try our luck in Central America.

Thankfully, this date is at least no longer on the immediate horizon as the narrative around the Covid vaccines has become exposed. It does, however, mean we need to identify some more lines in the sand. These others are not definitive, but up for consideration, and will signal another dimming of the lights…

2. Biden is re-elected

Should (a) this man be put in front of the American people as the Democratic Party’s nominee, and (b) whatever sham election would need to happen for him to claim victory, you can kiss goodbye any notion of a representative government or that your vote or opinion is even considered.

There’s no doubt the string-pullers love his administration, the perfect stooge, a fall-guy to implement their boneheaded policies to destroy the economy, reduce global population, and “save” the planet as their own personal playground, like a boy who hoards his toys only to play alone.

And just to be clear, no, I did not vote for Trump either.

To watch who the media begins to advocate for, this will be telling.

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