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Chapter 6 Part 2

The User's Profile Chris Martenson June 16, 2023
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Proverbs exist and persist because they encapsulate a timeless human lesson.  “Run towards the roar” is an African proverb meant to convey that often our personal growth if not salvation lies in directly facing and running towards our greatest fears, not running away from them.

The adjustment reaction framing informs us that anything we do in advance of a great risk coming true will feel like and overreaction but in retrospect we will see that those were underreactions.

What risks are we facing?  Oh…I don’t know, maybe the fact that US politicians have passed legislation requiring US agencies to prepare for war with China?  Or the fact that Janeyt Yellen claims that neither the Treasury Department nor other entities are preparing for what they might do if China dumps its Treasury holdings.  Or that the UK and US are not sending depleted uranium weaponry into Ukraine which Putin considers “nuclear in nature.”  Or the fact that the US has no plans for where or how it will secure the oil it needs when eventually shortfalls arise.  Or…I could on and on.

All of which explains why so many people are feeling unsettled and are actin gout in weird ways rather than settling on a productive, if undesired, course of actions.  James Howard Kuntsler just nails this in his most recent piece which I use as framing for the rest of the content.

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