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Revisiting the Subversion of America, in Light of Ukraine.

The User's Profile Phil Denniston May 1, 2022
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That Biden wants regime change in Russia – or thinks he is supposed to want it – likely tells us very little. We can say only one thing with near certainty: Biden is in control of nothing.

The apparatus of State – the string pullers that got the Democratic party to fall in line behind him to prevent a Sanders-Trump election – they would not let Biden make meaningful decisions.

Who among you would let this man make important decisions? If Biden was your father or grandfather, would you trust him to live independently? Of course not. They cannot even let him speak candidly to the press or public without sending in the Easter Bunny to run interference.

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Joseph Biden is quite obviously not in charge of the Executive Branch of government. Whomever, or whatever hierarchy is running the show, that much is kept hidden from “we the people”.

A secret, shadow government… how far have they strayed from the Constitution, democracy, and the rule of law? The U.S. Government is no longer “of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

Further, should they want to keep their plans quiet, they can’t reveal anything of significance to the President, for risk he’d spill the beans.

When they need a signature, they send in the Easter Bunny with ink and paper.

All this is not to disparage Joe Biden – the man is in the throes of dementia. He is being played as a mere stooge. Surely, he would prefer spending his golden years playing bingo in a home somewhere.

We call attention to the absurdity only to reinforce that the whole thing is a charade, a con, a hustle, the big flimflam, and we, dear friends, are (intended to be) the marks.

In both our last piece and our first for, we explained – as readers here likely know – that the global monetary system needs a controlled demolition. There is too much unpayable debt and derivatives, phantom wealth teetering on an unanchored mess of fiat.

In addition, unlike resets – or debt jubilees – of times’ past, we cannot wipe out the bad debts and continue growing exponentially from the same or similar GDP base.

Resource scarcity – peak everything, from oil, to chemicals, topsoil, metals, and minerals – prevents that, either now or in the future.

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