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Protecting & Growing Your Money

user profile picture Adam Taggart Nov 17, 2015
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There’s no doubt that money is important. There’s good reason why most of us devote a huge percentage of our lives to pursuing it.

But there’s much about money that is misunderstood.

Our Money Is Under Attack

Many among the masses don’t realize the intense and coordinated efforts currently being waged by central planners to trap and devalue our savings through financial repression. They’re being fleeced without being aware of it — working harder and harder for less and less.

Today’s dangerous cocktail of unnaturally low interest rates, $trillions in thin-air money printing, and sky-high asset price bubbles is putting our capital at great risk. Savers are starved of return, investors will likely get wiped out when the overstretched financial markets inevitably crash, and the purchasing power of our money loses value with each new $trillion printed.

How should you protect yourself against that?

The answer lies in developing an understanding of the forces working against you, and to then take prudent action to counter them. In the coming years, intelligent positioning and asset allocation will mean the difference between financial prosperity and ruin. But to benefit, you have to act before the next crisis hits.

But Remember, Money Doesn’t = Happiness

Another misunderstanding people have about money is its relationship to true wealth.

Many overvalue the impact money has on our happiness. They make all sorts of sacrifices in pursuit of money, but remain poor in the things that truly matter.

In our book Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting, we examine closely what true wealth is. Yes, money absolutely plays a critical part in it; but it is only one of several pillars — one of 8 Forms of Capital — that we identify as required for a rich life. Good health, purposeful work, meaningful relationships, a resilient lifestyle, self-worth, a supportive community — all of these ingredients are as important as money for overall happiness.

We wrote Prosper! as a resource that those already “awake” to these insights can use to share with family and friends who aren’t yet aware of them.

And since money is a universal attention-grabber as a topic, we’re making our chapter on Financial Capital available here for free — as a means of engaging someone you care about in the discussion. We think it’s one of the best digests of what happening right now with our money system:



Prosper! is available in printe-book and audio book form today.


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