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Uprisings Are Spreading!

Original Content
By Chris Martenson
July 26, 2022

Uprisings Are Spreading!

Original Content
By Chris Martenson on
July 26, 2022

Last week, due to YouTube censorship, both parts of my weekly presentation were behind the Peak Prosperity paywall. Now with the YouTube slap on the wrist (censorship) ending today, we are posting this video in the Public section as it was originally intended. If the censorship continues, we will be forced to move more content behind the paywall and on to other channels that value free speech like Rumble, Vimeo and Odysee. Thanks you for patience and support.

Back to the show.

The topic here might hit a few nerves over at the corporate mothership because I directly encourage and side with the farmers, truckers, and citizens of all the many nations who are uprising against their corrupt, inept (or both) leadership.

The truth is, people have good reasons to be “restive.” They have been comprehensively failed or ignored by the ruling classes.

Whether by arrogance or ignorance is irrelevant, the future we are being ushered towards is bleak and joyless.

Unless we stop them.

It’s time to face facts: “they” really don’t have any Plan B when it comes to energy in Europe; the media is complicit in hiding the truly important stories; and the WEF crowd has a strong interest in seeing us all bankrupt (presumably, so they can buy up all the assets and rent them back to us).

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