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Peak Insider Live – July Edition

Start Date: Jul 13, 2023

Event type: Virtual

Welcome to Peak Insider Live with Chris and Evie – a dynamic, interactive virtual event that brings you to the pulse of the world. Join us for a stimulating discussion where the current landscapes are not just explored, but broken down into understandable, engaging, and relevant bites of information.

Chris and Evie bring their broad-ranging perspectives to provide in-depth analysis on the latest happenings with a keen eye for detail and an unquenchable passion for all things economics, environment and energy, they have the remarkable ability to dissect complex trends and translate them into easily digestible insights.

What sets Peak Insider Live apart is its interactive nature. The session offers a unique platform to engage in live discussions, as Chris and Evie answer your questions in real time. Whether you have burning inquiries about the future of clean energy or the implications of a particular economic trend, your questions provide a launchpad for enriching, thought-provoking discussions.


Thursday, July 13th, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST (Eastern US)

Link to Join:

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So, whether you are an industry professional, a curious investor, or just someone intrigued by the worldly events, Peak Insider Live is your opportunity to stay abreast of global developments, and join the community of focused individuals. It’s not just about getting informed; it’s about becoming a part of the conversation. See you there!

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