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Gathering at Honey Badger Farms

Start Date: Oct 15, 2021

End Date: Oct 17, 2021

Event type: In Person

Hi there.  Evie and I are going to open our farm up for an experiment in “parallel structures” which means having fun, sharing skills and company, and hopefully enjoying a fine fall weekend in New England.

If you are local(ish) to the Western MA area, we have a few spots left to join other Peak Prosperity members and friends at Honey Badger Farm from Friday afternoon (October 15) through Sunday morning (October 17) for a weekend filled with fun, work, and knowledge sharing.

Events will include bonfires on Friday and Saturday evenings; hog butchering (followed by a fresh pork dinner Saturday night), maybe chicken butchering as well, peer sharing of knowledge and skills, and time in the gardens and on the grounds of Honey Badger Farm.

The weekend will be limited to 100 participants, and there are a few remaining spaces for interested people. To that end, please respond to the email address to let Terry (VT Gothic, the organizer) know if you would like to attend. Early responses, including negative responses, are helpful to our planning. Thanks.

Note that Saturday is designed to include peer-led workshops and skill-sharing events.

If you have something you would like to share, be that a skill, a story, music, or a long joke, please let Terry know what you will offer, how much time you will need, and what equipment and supplies you need that you cannot bring with you. (We might not be able to source some things, and will let you know if that occurs.)

Evie and I will need a few folks to agree to arrive early to help set things up, someone to be our site ambassador to help people find things and answer questions, and to help clean up on Sunday.  If you are that sort of person and can raise your hand for one or several of those roles, please indicate that to Terry in your email.

Fair warning, we might not be able to accommodate everyone this time around and so preference will be given to those who live closest and/or who have something they’d really like to bring as an offering to the tribe, be that a physical skill, a wide-open heart, a knack for telling jokes, or the ability to create art out of leaves.

Mostly, we’re going to be having fun and talking and enjoying ourselves.

Here’s more detail:

Fall Gathering of the Tribe!

Come join us for a weekend of shared learning and fireside fellowship at Chris Martenson’s & Evie Botelho’s homestead October 15 – 17, 2021

RSVP Required

            Our capacity is 100 visitors. To ensure we don’t overload our capacity, register by email to:

             Please! If you sign up, but then cannot attend, notify us as soon as possible so that we can let someone else in.


COST:  There’s no set fee to attend, but we will pass the hat to defray the costs of porta-potties, and to reward the gentleman bringing his pig cooker and skill.

WHO: Members and friends of the Peak Prosperity tribe.

Families welcome – but parents, you are responsible for the safety and behavior of your children – no childcare will be provided. BEWARE: there are enough dangerous pieces of equipment on the farm to get any child in trouble, so free-ranging will not be permitted.

No pets. No exceptions. Sorry. Even the most well-behaved pet can forget when a chicken darts past and that inner hunting drive kicks in!


WHEN: Arrive Friday afternoon/evening, or Saturday morning. Depart Sunday by noon.

Note: Friday arrival is best, to join our bonfire that night. Also, some events (like slaughtering) will begin early Saturday morning.



  • First of all, to meet fellow PPers
  • Second, to share skills with each other (either as a presenter/sharer or an active learner)

(1) Saturday will be a work and peer-learning day. You can gain hands-on learning by participating in farm activities.

(2) If you have knowledge or a skill you would like to share, Saturday will be the day for it. Please let us know when you register what you will share, how long a time slot you need, and what equipment you need that you cannot bring with you. We will do our best to accommodate you, but some equipment requests might be beyond our ability to source.

  • Third, to see what Evie and Chris have done to build resilience and prototype self-reliance.


Be aware that this is a working farm.

Saturday will include hog & chicken butchering. We will use an out-of-the-way place to respect those who don’t want to participate or see the process, but we cannot guarantee that you or your children won’t be exposed.

Anyone who wants to watch or participate will have the opportunity. (Bring suitable clothing and footwear, and have a means to store soiled clothing for the rest of your visit and the trip home. We don’t have adequate laundry facilities.) The butchering will start early Saturday morning. One of the hogs will be cooked for Saturday evening’s meal.



  • Camping gear. We have land, and we’ll have a port-a-potty. If you wish to stay in a nearby Chester MA hotel or Airbnb make your reservations soon – it will still be leaf season so accommodations will be in short supply.
  • Cooking gear if you plan to cook yourself breakfast.
  • Warm & wet-weather clothing. It’s fall in New England.
  • Firewood. Don’t bring any. Chris & Evie have plenty to spare.
  • Food.

(1) You are on your own for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.

(2) If you are on a special or restricted diet, provide all of your own food.

(3) If you want to participate in group potluck meals, bring dishes large enough to share with at least 6 people beyond your own family for Friday dinner and Saturday lunch. Also bring a side dish to complement the pork Chris and Evie will cook for Saturday evening from the morning butchering.

  • Don’t forget a participatory and grateful attitude. Life is truly a gift; so get into it and celebrate it!

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