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Fireside Chat with Dane

Start Date: Sep 28, 2023

Event type: Virtual

Join Dane for an evening of open conversation for our Peak Prosperity community.

If you have questions, insights, or stories to share, this unscripted gathering is designed specifically for you. We want to hear about the unique experiences, challenges, and successes you’ve encountered recently. Even more importantly, we want to explore together the inventive ways members of our community are addressing these issues.

This isn’t a lecture series or a presentation—it’s a genuine and heartfelt exchange of ideas among friends and fellow members of the Peak Prosperity community. We value the tribe and encourage everyone, whether you’re a seasoned member or new to the community, to join us.

Whether you want to be an active participant or prefer to sit back, listen, and absorb the wisdom, you are most welcome. This isn’t about having all the answers—it’s about learning, growing, and connecting together.

Please note, this event will not be recorded. Our intention is to create a candid space where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves freely.

So, gather around the metaphorical fireside, with a warm drink, in the comfort of your own home, and join us for an evening of conversation. We can’t wait to connect with you all!

Remember, the most profound insights often emerge from shared experiences.

See you there!

Details to Join

When: September 28th at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST)

Where: Virtual – Zoom link below.

What: An opportunity to connect and share around the [virtual] campfire.

Webinar ID: 838 9261 0495

Meeting will not be recorded.

Join Zoom Room HERE

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