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Peak Prosperity Virtual Seminar 2023

By AaronMcKeon
January 2, 2023

Peak Prosperity Virtual Seminar 2023

January 28, 2023
to January 29, 2023

Welcome to the annual Peak Prosperity Virtual Seminar,

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What’s this one about?

Our intention is to motivate, inspireorganize your thinking, and planning for the year ahead.

The world is obviously screwed up (right now). It can be difficult to get your head around it.

This is why hanging around other intelligent and successful people who see things the same way is so important.

If we are the average of the people, we spend the most time around, then be sure to align yourself with people who see the world clearly and move ahead with purpose.

Those who are able and willing to do the work necessary to grasp the implications of the following are going to be the winners:

  • Peak oil
  • Federal Reserve printing
  • CDC, NIH, and FDA corruption
  • The true aims of the green agenda
  • Authoritarianism
  • Cultural warfare
  • Cognitive warfare
  • 5th generation warfare
  • Psyops and propaganda
  • How to build true wealth
  • The critical importance of emotional capital

What will attendees get?

  • Ideas, tips, and action plans for navigating the year ahead.
  • The Peak Prosperity Resilience Workbook (updated for 2023).
  • Access to each other and presenters (in special Discord rooms).
  • Dot-connecting that you won't get anywhere else.

You'll be energized to build or maintain a life of true financial freedom - no matter your starting point!

Let the Attendees Tell You MORE!




Who's presenting?

They'll share personal steps toward resilience they may have taken in response to the developing storm clouds.


Evie Botelho has followed a life-long passion for being within and around nature. An artist, keen observer, and deep tracker of her own inner landscape, her path has landed her on a 270-acre farmstead living with Chris Martenson in Chester, MA (at Honey Badger farms).


Dave Collum, PhD is a Professor of Organic Chemistry at Cornell University. His talk will take us through what the lessons from the embarrassing Afghanistan withdrawal and current Ukrainian actions reveal about the state of corruption in US and across the west.



Russell Gray is a financial strategist with a background in financial services dating back to 1986. He is a popular speaker and author as well as a faculty member for the California Association of Realtors. Russ co-authored the very highly rated book Equity Happens.



Steve Kirsch is a Silicon Valley philanthropist. He is the inventor of the optical mouse as well as one of the first Internet search engines, Infoseek. Recently, he's been at the tip of the spear fighting against a deeply rotten and very inhumane medial system.


Robert Kiyosaki is an unrepentant capitalist who wants nothing more than for everyone to achieve financial freedom for themselves and to contribute to our national and global prosperity. He's best known for writing the #1 personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.



Pierre Kory, MD, has led intensive care units in multiple COVID-19 hotspots throughout the pandemic, having led his old ICU in New York City during its initial surge in May for five straight weeks. He is co-founder of the Front Line COVID Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and co-author of the I-MASK+, MATH+, and I-RECOVER Treatment Protocols for COVID-19.


Chris Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and founder of He is one of the early econobloggers who forecasted the housing market collapse and stock market correction years in advance.


Ken McElroy has lived and breathed real estate for his entire adult life, learning from the ground up. Ken got his start during college, when he took a job managing an apartment complex. Since then, Ken has experienced great success in the real estate world – from investment analysis and property management to acquisitions and property development. Together with his real estate investment company, MC Companies, Ken has transacted over $1 billion in real estate.


Bret Weinstein, PhD has spent two decades advancing the field of evolutionary biology, and is currently working to uncover the evolutionary meaning of large scale patterns in human history, and seeking a game theoretically stable path forward for humanity.


Michael Yon is a combat correspondent, author, and photographer who has traveled the globe for nearly 20 years to report on world events firsthand. He has traveled to more than 80 countries including China, India, Bhutan and Vietnam.


Other questions?

If you are having any trouble connecting to Zoom or Discord, or have any questions whatsoever, please contact us below:

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    All Times in EDT

    Day 1 Agenda

    • 10:00 – The Road Ahead with Dr. Chris Martenson
    • 11:00 – Break
    • 11:15 – Geopolitics & Famine – with Michael Yon
    • 11:45 – Q&A
    • 12:15 – LUNCH
    • 1:00 – The Elite’s Agenda with Dr. Bret Weinstein
    • 1:45 – Q&A with Dr. Bret Weinstein
    • 2:00 – What does Ukraine tell us? with Dr. Dave Collum
    • 2:30 – Q&A with Dr. Dave Collum
    • 2:45 – Break
    • 3:00 – Robert Kiyosaki
    • 3:20 – What’s in Your Trailer? with Bob Klimm
    • 4:15 – Improving Emotional Flow with Evie Botelho + Q&A
    • 5:00 – Closing Remarks with Dr. Chris Martenson
    • 5:30 – Cocktail Hour

    Day 2 Agenda

    • 10:00 – Setting Context with Dr. Chris Martenson
    • 10:15 – Dr. Pierre Kory
    • 10:45 – Q&A with Dr. Pierre Kory
    • 11:00 – Steve Kirsch
    • 11:30 – Q&A with Steve Kirsch
    • 11:45 – LUNCH
    • 12:45 – Russ Gray
    • 1:15 – Dave Fabry
    • 1:30 – Q&A with Russ and Dave
    • 1:45 BREAK
    • 2:00 – My Portfolio! with Paul Kiker
    • 2:15 – Gold and Silver with Stephen Flood
    • 2:30 – Real Estate with Ken McElroy
    • 2:45 – Q&A with Paul, Steve & Ken
    • 3:15 – BREAK
    • 3:30 – The Importance of Free Speech with Jeff Wernick
    • 4:00 – Closing remarks and Q&A with Chris & Evie
    • 5:00 – Wrap up and head to Discord!


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