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Payrolls Is Now ‘Disability Friday’ And Gold & Silver Correct

As the vaccine injuries mount in the payrolls disability data (what else could it be?) the bond and metals markets are starting to gyrate. Up, down, up, down. Meanwhile, somehow, the S&P 500 continues to power to new highs, completely drunk on easy money and oblivious to risk.

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Payrolls Friday is also Disability Friday. Any improvement in the “bafflingly” high workforce disability? No. In fact, both employed disability and total population disability inched up to a new all-time high.  That 12-month MA continues to point higher too.  Disability remains in a strong uptrend.  Because – Safe & Effective.

Employed 16+: With a Disability (LNU02074597); +64,000 +0.82%
Population 16+: With a Disability (LNU00074597); +55,000 +0.16%

Prebunking [June 4] (source – x/ethicalskeptic);Rather than cite 25% increase in cancers in younger person which started April 2021… they stretch the ‘start’ to the “1990’s”. Like someone stealing all the money from your bank account and then citing “bank fees over the last 30 years”, as the culprit.”

Rare and ‘unusual’ cancers are emerging after the Covid pandemic – and doctors fear an unlikely culprit is to blame [June 6] (source – dailymail); “Since about 2021, they have been noticing rare and unusual cancers in patients who shouldn’t fit the bill – many of them young and without any family history of disease.”

My analysis: a pre-bunking example from dailymail.  “Oh you are young and got cancer?  Well that’s due to ‘covid’.”  This is evidence that “they” know about the Blessed Holy Shot causing cancer.  A pre-bunking coverup proves the crime.

The Cuomo material comprised a case study on the emotional state of a vax-injured former Oligarchy Factotum.  My sense is, prior to being injured, Cuomo really believed he was a Big Swinging D*ck, but it is slowly dawning on him that he was just a flunky who was not important enough to have been informed of the real situation.  How does this impact a person like Cuomo?  And Redfield – a former CDC director?  A woo person I know calls this experience “an ego death”; in the interview, it is clear that Redfield has handled this differently than Cuomo.  Sub rosa: “Did I choose the wrong side?  And did it almost kill me?”

It really is difficult.  The “horse goo gobblers” (at the FLCCC – unmentioned by Cuomo) were correct.  And now Cuomo has to gobble horse goo – his Spike Ab levels are “off the scale” (> 25,000).   He tries to pretend it’s ho-hum, but “for some reason” he has been careful to conceal that his treatment team (“clinicians”) are associated with Dr Jordan Vaughn.   Redfield confessed this – obliquely.  Why conceal such a thing?  Coverup proves the crime – it’s very distressing to Cuomo to have been this wrong.  Redfield is much more honest.  While Cuomo is just one former-factotum among many, his internal struggles are useful, since they probably apply to a huge chunk of “Washington”, “ABC”, “NBC”, “CBS”, “CNN”, “WAPO”, “NYT” establishment, and probably a bunch of force-vaxxed Feds as well.

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My sense is, prior to being injured, Cuomo really believed he was a Big Swinging D*ck, but it is slowly dawning on him that he...
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