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One Last Chance…

user profile picture Chris Martenson Sep 14, 2023
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We are already buzzing with excitement for the yearly Peak Prosperity gathering here at Evie and my home.  It’s called the Honey Badger Gathering (HBG) and if you are one of those fence sitters who could maybe be convinced to come at the last minute, this message is for you.

If you are already coming, just know that this year is going to be especially powerful and very well run.

As a first inducement, maybe consider that this might be your last chance to travel without a mask for a while.   I am only half-joking, of course.

The main reason to come is to be around your fellow Peak Prosperity members.  The effects of living through these times are to become demoralized and to begin to feel alone and isolated.

The cure is to come and meet each other in person.  We’re real people, at varying stages of life and experience, and having face-to-face conversations is the balm we all need.

This year we’re going to have an immense amount of programming for you to sit in on and learn from, with the highlight being the side-bar conversations and new friendships that will be struck up.

Maybe you just want to relax, and this year the temperatures are going to be balmy (in the 70’s during the day are currently projected) and the leaves will be just beginning to turn on some species so it will be colorful. If you haven’t been to New England in the fall, it’s our signature season and not to be missed.

You’ll get to meet Evie and myself up close and personal, as well as many of the colorful characters you may only know (so far) through their online presence.

We’ll laugh, gather, hang out around fires, talk, learn, converse, and recharge.

And who knows?

The way things are going we can’t take anything for granted any longer.  If you can come this year, then you should come.  We have no idea how many more can or will be run.

For me, the most important part of these gatherings is to meet you, shake hands, and find out how you see the world.  In a world where trust is receding by the day, these personal connections become more and more important.

If any of that has tipped you toward coming, then click here to sign up.

Your faithful Information Scout,
Chris Martenson

P.S.  My favorite thing to do with people is run the sawmill…it’s really magic turning round logs into straight boards.