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The Horror Unfolds…

The User's Profile Chris Martenson December 7, 2021
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This is a continuation of Part 1 – Pfizer Safety Data Released, And It’s Not Good – click here to go to Part 1 first.

As we barrel down the path towards a Mass Formation (aka psychosis) nothing is as important as standing up, saying “I don’t agree,” and continuing to make sense.

On that front, it makes zero sense that Pfizer did such a poor job of most authorization monitoring of vaccine adverse events (aka side effects). It makes no sense that the regulators allowed them to do such a poor job.

It makes no sense for countries (mainly western) to severely limit citizen rights based on their vaccination status given that the vaccines don’t prevent the spread of Covid and wear off so quickly.  In other words, they are mediocre vaccines at best, and the most damage-causing medical intervention in history at worst.

It makes even less sense to pin so many of the new restrictions on Omicron, which is turning out to be a mild and very much not clinically serious virus – so far.  While that could change, if it doesn’t omicron could well spell the end of Covid because of its high transmissibility and low rate of harm.  That is, it could well spread far and wide and deliver the much-awaited herd immunity we’ve all been waiting for and which the vaccines are uniquely unsuited to deliver.

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Turning to the science, the good news, out of Qatar is that if you’ve recovered once from Covid, and catch it again, that second run is both exceedingly rare and very mild (as compared to a first infection – survivor bias in play?). 

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Like you, Dr. Martenson, I am staying away from the health-care system. Fortunately, I only take one medication on a regular basis. I have a...
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