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Off the Cuff: The War On Savers

The User's Profile Adam Taggart October 26, 2014
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In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss:

  • The State of Silver
    • Notes from this year's Silver Summit
  • The War On Savers
    • Further exploration of the Fed's 'financial repression'
  • The Inevitable Market Crash
    • More predictable than ever
  • The Broken American Dream
    • Out of the reach for most now

This week, we welcome John Rubino (proprietor of as a new addition to our roster of regular Off The Cuff guests.

Chris catches John fresh off his visit to the 2014 Silver Summit. What follows is a detailed discussion of the current suppressed state of silver prices and a review of the litany of fundamental reasons the metal should (will) see much higher prices again in the future.

John shares Chris' perspective on the current all-out war on savers and fixed income dependents being waged by the world's central banks. They have prioritized rewarding debtors at the expense of the prudent — a policy that both are comfortable as characterizing as immoral and evil. It only ends in destruction of trust in the system; which serves no one in the end. But as long as those in power can abuse it, it will continue.

Similarly, both see the recent return of volatility to world markets as a sign — among many — that the bulletproof bull run of the past half-decade is in its last hours.

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Really enjoyed this one. 
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