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Off The Cuff: The Great Reset Is Already Underway

user profile picture Chris Martenson Nov 06, 2020
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In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris goes solo and discusses the Great Reset in even greater detail than his two recent posts introducing the concept.

The more he learns about this globally-coordinated — and very public — initiative, the more cogs drop into place for why our system operates the way it does, perceived shortcomings and all.

And this does appear to be the official “plan” moving forward. So better we understand it, its players, and its objectives now, in order to make sure we increase our ability to sidestep its agenda for us should we desire to do so.

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To Chris, Adam and all of us at Peak Prosperity,
I applaud you for paying attention to the Great Reset.
Now, in terms of solutions:
Prepare and get...
Anonymous Author by prep101