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Off The Cuff: Has Society Lost Its Backbone?

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By Adam Taggart
March 25, 2021

Off The Cuff: Has Society Lost Its Backbone?

Premium Content
By Adam Taggart on
March 25, 2021

In this week’s Off The Cuff I sit down with David Collum to discuss: The looming fiscal & social crises caused by underfunded pensions Is everything in America is now “Too Big To Fail”? Investing for a future of secular inflation The dangers of cancel culture & the “woke” movement Never short on strong opinions, Cornell chemist and pontificator extraordinaire Dave Collum joins us this week to opine on a wide spectrum of topics. Dave is very concerned about the trajectory America and much of the world is headed, careening down a slope that history shows ends in economic malaise,

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As you stated, the wussification does not recognize gender. You are right, some will rise to the occasion, some will be unable. Although, it would be a lot easier on ...
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