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No Amnesty for the Censors and Covid Criminals

Episode 82 Part 2

Never forget the damage they caused our careers, families and children

The User's Profile Chris Martenson November 1, 2022
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I’d like to help you become free of the tricks and tactics that “they” use to try and dominate the narrative. As we all know, they are good at it. So good, they managed to turn friend against friend, family members against each other, and render workplaces unbearably hostile.

The way I freed myself is by peering deeply into their techniques.

The brigading of Twitter by #DemCast and #BlueCrew operatives provides a convenient foil for telling this tale. They are well-organized and well-funded, and they have been very successful. Their days are now numbered because they will no longer be operating on a tilted, if not nearly one-sided, playing field.

That’s a good thing.

It is also by what people support versus what they censor that defines how we can come to know them and their true aims. Fair warning, the images that can be found on Twitter are deeply disturbing. Gross, in-your-face sexual imagery, transvestite shows put on for the “benefit” of children, and even persistent child porn are the kinds of things Twitter promoted and refused to banish. All that happened under the careful guidance of Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s now former head of Legal Policy, Trust & Safety, a role she held for 10 (too) long years.

Gross and destructive doesn’t even begin to cover her many failings and sins.

Worst of all, from my standpoint, she was presumably also behind the complete stifling of all the good doctors out there who had surfaced early and effective Covid treatments.

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