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New Coronavirus Ro of 4.1 = Massive Contagion Risk

user profile picture Adam Taggart Jan 31, 2020
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As Chris says in the below video, this is an alert we’d hoped not to have to deliver.

A new study coming out of China reports that the Wuhan coronavirus has an Ro of 4.1. That means it’s much more contagious than previously feared:

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If indeed the case, an Ro of 4.1 means there is NO way of stopping this virus from becoming a full-blown global pandemic.

This study has not yet had time to be peer-reviewed, so the data may change. But going with the data we have *right now* in this fast-developing situation, it is time to start preparing yourself and your loved ones.

Not time to panic, mind you. But start taking steps to prepare should you need to shelter in place for a period of days/weeks if the virus hits your community.

N95 masks, sanitizers, household cleaners, etc, body protection, food stores, etc.

Hopefully you won’t have to self-isolate. But if you do, be sure you’ve prepared in advance.

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