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New Alliance Could Wreck Our Economy Forever

user profile picture Chris Martenson Mar 11, 2022
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Okay, we all know inflation is rampaging across the landscape. Fewer are aware that the U.S. Federal Reserve is unwilling to do anything about it. Whether they are indifferent to the pain they cause to the majority of U.S. families, or they are actively seeking to break the entire financial system is irrelevant. Intent is for us to speculate over while the actions are there for us to analyze and use as the basis for forming our own action plans.

Even fewer are aware that inflation is everywhere and always a monetary phenomenon which means that inflation is a matter of active policy. It is not a random, unpredictable occurrence.  It is people in power deciding to create the conditions for inflation, while deluding themselves into thinking they can control the worst of it when the time comes.

Well, the time has come and they are, predictably, unable to do much about it mainly because they are weaker in their inner constitutions than they imagined themselves to be.

At any rate, even as this whole fiasco is unfolding, there’s another larger subtext to the energy crisis that could unseat the U.S. dollar from its perch. That would be the death of what is known as the Petrodollar. Needed by every nation that uses oil (all of them), the Petrodollar has provided a huge lift to America over the decades since Kissinger implemented it with Saudi Arabia many decades ago.

Now? With the U.S.

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Of all the issues I have with what’s going on, the blatant racism has to be the top. I mean these same do-gooder, bleeding...
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