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Money, Bad Policies, Inflation & You

user profile picture Chris Martenson Oct 06, 2021
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The global financial system and economy are a house or cards.  Built on an unsustainable underpinning to ever-increasing debt the financial system is, as far as I am concerned, irretrievably insolvent.

To truly grasp this you need to understand the basics of banking and currency (what we call money, but really isn’t because it doesn’t satisfy all three necessary preconditions to be called such).  This is briefly covered in this episode.

With that basic grounding we can appreciate the vast gap between the claims on true wealth and the amount of true wealth (lots of currency, not as much ‘stuff’) and now can discuss the immense pain coming to those with fewer resources to combat rapidly rising inflation.

Even worse, a true energy emergency in Europe is going to really create a lot of headaches and financial heartaches for a lot of people.  With this essential context you can begin to build up a personal resilience plan to weather it all as best you can.  But it all begins by having the right frame of view and sufficient information and context.


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